Vape Juice Buyer's Guide



If you are new to vaping, you might be wondering where to start like what vape juice you want to try out, your nicotine level, PG/VG ratio, etc. This guide will give you advice on what would best fit your personal needs. 


The nicotine range in vape juice can range anywhere from 0 mg, having no nicotine, to 36 mg, being a very high level of nicotine. Some companies will even surpass 36 mg and go into 50 mg. The measurement "mg" refers to how many milligrams of nicotine there are per milliliter in the vape juice. In other words, the nicotine is measured in mg/ml, or milligrams per milliliter. Some companies will use a percentage instead of mg/ml. For example, a company might say 1.2% nicotine, which is the same as 12 mg/ml. If you want to know how much nicotine is in a full bottle of e-liquid, just multiply your nicotine level by the size of the bottle. If you have a 50 ml bottle of juice with a nicotine solution of 10 mg/ml, it would be 50 x 10, which would equal 500 mg of nicotine in the whole bottle. 

The level of nicotine you choose will depend on how many and what kind of cigarettes you smoked on average every day and the equipment being used for vaping. The average cigarette contains around 1 mg of nicotine, with full flavor cigarettes having around 1.5 mg of nicotine or higher and light cigarettes going as low as 0.1 mg of nicotine. So if someone smokes one pack of standard cigarettes a day, they could be consuming approximately 20 mg of nicotine a day. If someone smoked quite often every day on full flavored cigarettes, starting with 24 mg/ml solution or a little higher would be a reasonable option. If someone were a casual smoker on lighter cigarettes, starting with a 12 mg/ml solution or lower would be a logical choice. 18 mg/ml is the medium range and where a lot of smokers will start to see if they need to increase or decrease from that point. 

The equipment used will be a major factor on how much nicotine your body is getting. For example, if someone is using a typical eGo battery, or what some people call a stick, that has an atomizer with high resistance, they are going to burn a medium-low amount of vape juice with every inhale. If someone is using an RDA/RBA, or Mod, that has a Clearomizer with lower resistance will produce more clouds and have a stronger flavor from the vape juice. Putting the wattage at a higher setting can also produce the same results. Doing either of these will burn the vape juice faster. Therefore the user will get a larger hit of nicotine with every inhalation. It is recommended to use a lower nicotine level with RDA's. 


The PG/VG ratio someone should have mixed will depend on what type of sensation they are wanting or desiring. Four types are Throat Hits, Smoothness, Stealth Vaping, and Cloud Chasing. For Throat Hits, a higher PG ratio would be needed than VG. Having this will give the throat a kick that a lot of former smokers will crave. PG carries the flavor a lot better than VG does, thus having a somewhat bigger taste in the vape juice. Stealth Vaping, which refers to people trying to vape on the down low in public areas, will also require a higher PG ratio because PG produces less vapor than VG when exhaling. For a Smooth vape, a higher VG ratio will be needed since it is thicker and has that smoother feeling on the throat. However, VG does not carry the flavor as well as PG does. Using more power in the equipment, like a higher wattage can overcome the flavor loss. Try not to use a higher wattage than what your equipment recommends to prevent damage. Cloud Chasers will also use a higher VG ratio since it is thicker whereas PG is thin like water. If someone desires the bigger clouds, then the more VG there is in the vape juice, the larger and thicker the clouds produced from exhaling will be. 

When it comes down to storage and temperature resistance, PG and VG are both opposites in either situation. If someone wants to store their juice for an extended period, PG would be better than VG because of its moisturizing properties. VG, however, will have a higher resistance to temperature than PG due to its thickness. 


The three top setups for vaping are clearomizers, sub-ohms, and RDAs. Clearomizers are one of the most used tanks for people who vape and run at a low wattage. Vape juice with a higher PG is recommended since the coils do not work well with the thicker VG liquid that could lead to a burnt taste. A sub-ohm tank is designed to handle more power than a clearomizer which will handle the higher VG ratios in vape juice. Since the power is stronger than a clearomizer, a sub-ohm will burn the vape juice faster, which in turn uses up your liquid faster when using the higher VG ratios. RDA's will give people a bigger range on which PG/VG ratio they should use. It will still depend on which coils are being used, with higher ohm coils being used for the higher PG rates and the sub-ohm coils being used for the higher VG ratios. 


The amount of flavor used just depends on the person's personal preference. The ranges of flavor percentage in the vape juice can go as low as 5% and as high as 30%, depending on the company selling the vape juice. Normally anyone who uses a higher VG in their juice will get a stronger flavor strength to compensate for the VG liquid not carrying as much flavor as PG. That's not the case every time but is common. 


Your vaping experience will mainly rely on what your personal preference is so if you are new to it, some experimenting might be necessary. Just keep trying different flavors, ratios, nicotine levels, etc. until you find the preparation you like best.