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Cherry Limeade E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Cherry Limeade (Recipe) Bringing this sour gem into the vape world, enjoy sweet cherry hints in this Limey vape. A delicio..


Ghostbuster E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Ghostbuster (Recipe) Try not to get slimed with this spooky blend of Marshmallow, Ecto Cooler, Lime, and Grape.  Hi ..


Jabba Juice E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Jabba Juice (Recipe) A unique blend of Lime, Boysenberry, Blueberry, and Honeysuckle. Hi my name is Slim and I make the..


Key Lime E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Key Lime (Base) Pucker up with this deliciously sour and refreshing lime flavor. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best..


Key Lime Pie E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Key Lime Pie (Recipe) A sweet blend of Key Lime, Cheesecake, Bavarian Cream, Graham Cracker, and Whipped Cream. Hi my n..


Rainbow Sorbet E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Rainbow Sorbet (Recipe) A great blend of Raspberry, Orange, and Key Lime. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juic..


Red Citrus Soda E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Red Citrus Soda (Recipe) A delicious blend of Lemon, Lime, Strawberry, and Raspberry.  Code Red! Code Red! Hi my n..


Shirley Temple E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Shirley Temple (Recipe) A delicious blend of Ginger Ale, Key Lime, and Pomegranate. Hi my name is Slim and I make the b..


Sour Swirl E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Sour Swirl (Recipe) A tart blend or Strawberry, Lime, Green Apple, and Sour Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Ju..


Wicked E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Wicked (Recipe) This dark and sinister juice is Sour and Sweet with Grape flavors, Key Lime, and Green Apple- hexed with a..