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Orange Dreamy Cupcake E-Juice E-Liquid for Vaping

Orange Dreamy Cupcake (Recipe) A sweet blend of Yellow Cake, Orange, Orange Dream Bar, Whipped Cream, and Bavarian Cream. Hi my name is Slim and I make the best E-Juice there is. I use the best quality ingredients and allow my products to steep. I have years of experience and I mix for all the local shops in my area. My juice is known as the best E-liquid in the world, I sell to several local stores. I use only high grade food approved ingredients to produce the best flavor and v..


Tangarang Cloud E-Liquid

Tangarang Premium Cloud E-LiquidA unique blend of fresh Vanilla, Orange Cream Bar, Mandarin Orange, Bavarian Cream.    If you haven't had a chance to try Slim's Ejuice yet then you don't know what you are missing. We take the highest quality pre-steeped ingredients and mix them with nicotine and PG/VG to bring you a the perfect e-liquid. Our prices are never inflated and we work hard every day to keep your vaping costs down.      Our premium and cloud blends of..