Restricted Sales

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States With E-Cig Bans


    Effective: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

    Ends: Monday, October 28th, 2019

Pending: Illinois

    Effective Date: Unknown

    Ends: Unknown

Pending: Maine


States With Flavor Restrictions

Rhode Island

    Effective Date: Friday, October 4th, 2019

    Flavors left: Tobacco & Unflavored

    End Date: February 1, 2020. May be extended an additional 60 days. 


    Effective: Thursday, October 10th, 2019

     Flavors left: Tobacco & Unflavored

    Ending: February 7, 2020


    Effective: On Hold - No Hearing Date

    Flavors left: Tobacco & Unflavored

    Ending: April 15, 2020


    Effective: On Hold, 10/30 Hearing

    Flavors left: Unflavored & Tobacco

    End date: Unkown


    Pending: Denver


    Boulder, CO

        Effective Date: now

        Flavors left: Unflavored

        Ends: Unknown

    Glenwood Springs, CO

        Effective Date: now

        Flavors left: Unflavored

        Ends: Unknown   

Pending: New York

    Effective Date: Unknown (Hearing 10/18/19)

    Flavors left: Tobacco & Unflavored

    Ends: Unknown

Pending: Michigan

    Effective Date: On Hold, No Hearing Date

    Flavors left: Tobacco, Unflavored & 0 nicotine ejuice

    Ends: Unknown

Pending: Ohio

    Effective Date: Unknown

    Flavors left: Unflavored

    End Date: Unknown

Pending: New Jersey


Pending: California (Los Angeles, Burbank, Sacramento, Richmond)

    Los Angeles County

        Effective: Thursday, October 31st, 2019

        Flavors left: Tobacco & Unflavored

        End date: Unknown

Pending: Florida


Pending: Georgia (Alpharetta, Atlanta)



Pending: Texas (San Antonio) 


Pending: Virginia


Pending: Connecticut


Pending: South Carolina


Pending: Vermont


States With Age Restrictions

    Alabama 19

    Alaska 19, localities 21

    Arizona localities 21

    Arkansas 21

    California 21

    Colorado localities 21

    Connecticut 21

    Delaware 21

    District of Columbia 21

    Florida localities 21

    Hawaii 21

    Illinois 21

    Kansas localities 21

    Maine 21

    Maryland 21

    Massachusetts 21

    Michigan localities 21

    Minnesota localities 21

    Mississippi localities 21

    Missouri localities 21

    Nebraska 19

    New Hampshire localities 21

    New Jersey 21

    New York localities 21 (21 11/13/19)

    Ohio 21

    Oregon 21

    Rhode Island localities 21

    Texas 21

    Utah 19 localities 21 (21 7/1/21)

    Vermont 21

    Virginia 21

    Washington 21

    Puerto Rico 21

    Guam 21

    All others 18

Note: Due to the teen vaping epidemic, we are not shipping to anyone under the age of 21. 

Last updated: 11/4/19