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Premium E-Liquid

premium e-liquid

Premium E-Liquid 


When somebody wants a great flavor they can vape to satisfy their craving, using premium e-liquid is the way to go. Trying to find that great taste can take some time while searching for it, but one company, Slim's E-Juice, will have you covered. They have a wide variety of premium e-juice flavors that will cover almost anybody's personal taste they desire. 




One of the main differences in regular e-liquid and premium e-liquid is the packaging. If someone were to buy a standard flavor from a store or online, the majority of the time it will come in a plastic bottle. Premium, on the other hand, will more than likely come in a nice glass bottle and have a fancy looking label. E-liquid being stored in glass bottles will help the flavor last longer, especially if it is either the dark, amber glass that resists sunlight or any non-transparent glass. The best places to store any type e-liquid are cold and dark areas with as little sunlight as possible. 




Ingredients in both regular e-liquid and premium e-liquid have the same main two bases. PG, which is propylene glycol, and VG, which is vegetable glycerin. Some premium e-liquid will tend to have more VG to satisfy those who have mods and RDA's and like the bigger clouds, and then there are the premiums that will have more of the PG base for those who like stronger throat hits and have regular e-cig pens that tend to work better with the higher PG. The main difference usually will lead to the quality of how the premiums e-liquids are prepared. Some manufacturers will steep the flavors, use more top quality flavors, etc. With Slim's E-Juice, you will get a great quality premium e-liquid to give a fantastic vape. 




In this store, you will find two different lines of premium e-liquid. The first line will be Cloud Juice. These flavors are steeped and come in glass bottles that are 60 ml and have unique labels. The top is a dripper that makes dripping the juice on the wicks easy. All flavors will come in a PG/VG Ratio of 25/75, making them perfect for making clouds. All 25% of the PG in the Cloud Juices is flavor, so not only will you get big clouds, but a big taste as well. The Premium Line is an upgrade of basic flavors and also come in glass bottles that are 60 ml. The difference in this line from the Cloud Line is that it comes in a PG/VG ratio of 60/40. There is 20% flavor in all of these bottles which the PG will carry well. 




Slim's E-Juice Cloud Line has 20 unique flavors that will satisfy almost, if not all, types of cravings. In alphabetical order, here is the full list in the store. 

  • Cyclops Treasure 
  • Dragon King 
  • Fountain of Youth 
  • Honey Badger 
  • Honey Patch 
  • Insanity 
  • Jazzn Raz 
  • King and Crown 
  • PMC 
  • Sasquatch Magic 
  • Serpent's Fang 
  • Siren's Tears 
  • Sky Pie 
  • Space Cereal 
  • Supernova 
  • Tangarang 
  • Time Traveling Turtle 
  • Unicopia 
  • Vial From Olympus 
  • Wizard's Elixer 

To get an idea of some flavors, here are some descriptions of them. Cyclops Treasure is the cloud version of their Beetle Juice flavor, which is a blend of Pineapple, Mango, Raspberry, and Strawberry. Fountain of Youth is the cloud version of their Godfather e-liquid, which is a classic combination but remade in Slim's version. This juice has Bavarian Cream, Marshmallow, Sweet Cream, Vanilla Custard, and Caramel. PMC is the cloud version of Peach Melon Cream and will have a mixture of Peach, Cantaloupe, Bavarian Cream, and Vanilla Swirl. Supernova is a Cloud Juice of their Pink Star Slam, which is a sweet mix of Watermelon, Vanilla Swirl, Strawberry, and Sour. Wizard's Elixer is the cloud version of Slim's The Wizard, which is one of their top mixes. This flavor consists of Pomegranate, Sweet Cream, and Nectarine. 




Slim's E-Juice Premium line will consist of 31 different juices, with 21 of them being a single flavor and the other 10 being unique blends of primary flavors. Here is the list of the 21 flavors. 

  • Black Cherry 
  • Blueberry 
  • Bubble Gum 
  • Cantaloupe 
  • Caramel Candy 
  • Cheesecake 
  • Cinnamon Roll 
  • Coconut 
  • Cotton Candy 
  • Cowboy Blend Tobacco 
  • Extreme Ice 
  • Fruit Circles 
  • Grape 
  • Green Apple 
  • Mango 
  • Peach 
  • Slim's Menthol 
  • Slim's Tobacco 
  • Strawberry 
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 
  • Watermelon 

The flavors above are self-explanatory, so there is no need to describe them. Here is the list of the 10 special blend Premium E-liquids from Slim's E-Juice 


  • Crusader 
  • Deathstrike 
  • El Duder 
  • Master's Key 
  • Obsidian 
  • Rubber Ducky 
  • Slim's Special 
  • The Hancock 
  • TruOG 
  • X-treme Pink 

Like the Cloud juices, here are some descriptions of the special blend Premium E-liquids from Slim's E-Juice. Deathstrike is a premium version of the blend Fruity Rice Cereal, which consists of Milk, Sweetener, Caramel Candy, Fruit Circles, Vanilla, Toasted Marshmallow, and Graham Cracker. El Duder is a premium version of Slim's Castle Short. This flavor is quite complex and has Coconut, Kentucky Bourbon, Toasted Almond, Madagascar Vanilla, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, and Virginia Fire Cured Tobacco. Master's Key is the premium version of Mermaid's Tears, which blends Strawberry and Nectarine and adds a hint of menthol that will give a small touch of mint on the exhale. 




Remember to try out the premium e-liquid Slim's E-Juice offers and see for yourself the quality of these unique blends.