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Posted by admin 12/01/2016 0 Comment(s)
 I have started vaping again after a four year hiatus. My initial experience was okay, but certainly wasn’t lasting. I was looking for something that would taste, look and feel just like a cigarette. Hmm...sounds like I wanted a cigarette! I had gone the e-cig route. You know, the ones that look like a cigarette. 
     A couplel of months ago, my sister received an eGo-C Twist as a gift. (She had also tried the above route with me.) She convinced me that this was a better experience, so I was off to get one of my own. (I know, it’s only one step up, but I prefer one step at a time.)
     I needed to re-educate myself, so began searching on-line. I ran across many sites and still had several bookmarked from before. A new one caught my attention. Slim’s Ejuice. The site provided good information and a world of flavors, all made in the United States.
     Slim’s “Important Links” were so helpful. I already knew the Health Benefits, but needed a quick refresher course. “How Much Nicotine Do I Need?” Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I was grossly misinformed by the “locals”. I was told that I should start out with the highest nicotine level and wean myself by periodically reducing that level. Really NOT a good idea. I found myself light headed in a very short time. Again, I wasn’t enjoying the experience! But, I was determined to stick with it!
     Next; the PG/VG information. I was finding that the vapor still wasn’t satisfying. The ejuice I had purchased locally wasn’t all that great in flavor or vapor. Most do a 70/30 and it just wasn’t enough. The flavor was flat and sometimes tasted of chemical, and the vapor was less than that of a analog cigarette!
     Being a die-hard, 2 pack a day smoker you would expect that I wanted that fabulous tobacco smell and flavor. Oddly, not true. I was on a quest to find MY favorite flavors. Slim’s has them all! With the variety of flavors, it became difficult to decide what to try first. The “Sample Pack” was the answer. It would give me the chance to try several in smaller amounts. 
     To put Slim’s flavors to the test, I knew one would have to be watermelon. Watermelon is a difficult flavor to duplicate, and I had already tried 3 different local providers. Not even close. Slim’s’ watermelon ejuice is, by far, the best EVER! I let everyone try it, and they loved it. (These were the same people that let me try theirs!) My sister has already ordered her own and found her favorite “go-to” tobacco flavor as well: Vanilla Tobacco. My Sample Pack included: chocolate cherries, coconut, dark chocolate, whoppers and, of course, watermelon. Any variation of chocolate will fall into my favorites category, so I will be sampling some of Slim’s other renditions. The watermelon is a keeper, as well as whoppers. I haven’t tried the coconut or dark chocolate separately yet; I put them together tying to make a “mounds” flavor.

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