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So, you want to vape. Thats awesome! But, how does one exactly get into vaping? There is a plethora of vape systems out there ripe for the picking, but which one should you choose? My goal for this article is to help aid someone on their journey to higher vaping. Or at least give some good ideas on the subject of searching for the one. I will discuss briefly some options that are out there waiting for you. We live in the wild west of vaping and, although this is an awesome thing, it could be dangerous to someone who would rather pay first and ask questions later. First you have to ask yourself,What do I prefer?Now keep that question in the front of your mid as you read on.Several questions come into play while asking yourself that question. What size system do you want? What kind of power do you want? Do you want to build your own coils or would you rather buy pre made coils? It may seem daunting to filter through the options but here are some suggestions for you.

For those with the desire for something a little on the small side. May I recommend the ITaste CLK 1280? This little guy is perfect if you're into something small. Put it in your purse! In your pocket! Even your shirt pocket if you so desire. This thing even comes with a necklace lanyard if you're into that sort of thing. But the beauty is all in the price. The list price is just around $40.00 and I have found several deals that bring it down to 30 bucks. It has a regular 510 connection on it to attach any little tank you wanna buy. Also you can fit ego tank on there if you've got one. Something nifty about this little bundle of joy is that it has the ability to charge while you vape on it! Imagine never having to charge your vape while you sit behind the computer doing homework or gaming. If you're just wanting to try this vape thing to see what all of the hub bub is about, this one will give you the experience at a price that won't break your wallet. This is just a suggestion, after-all there are some other great little e-cigs out there that will get you started.

For those of you who are a bit more seasoned vapers, I recommend the Beacon Mech mod by Beyond Vape. This here is what I personally enjoy on a daily basis. Imagine sleek, epic mod that is so light weight that you forget its in your pocket. This telescopic mod features aircraft grade T6 aluminum connection tubes, silver plated contact pins (boss!) and a stylish brass firing pin. I have had this for a few months now and it has never given me any issues and keeps on chuckin. And the great thing is the cost is something worth celebrating over. $65.00! This mod comes in black, red, gunmetal, and copper. It is very versatile being that it carry small batteries all the way up to 18650 depending on the power you want.

The other mechanical mod that I love to stare at on a regular basis is the AR mod from TacModsUSA. She (or he) is a beauty. Imagine pulling this out for a few chucks of vapor while you’re at the gun range letting off some steam. The AR Mod is cool because it looks like it was torn off an assault rifle. It has plenty of ventilation for an 18650 battery and comes in all sorts of sick colors. This mech mod is definitely for those of you out there that not only want to vape, but make a statement while you vape. It also features a bad-ass cerakoted steel construction so don't worry about dropping it. And it made right here in the good old US of A. This guy goes for about $180.00 dollars for the real thing and clones can run around $80.00. This is for the serious modders who want a good investment for their collection. I definitely encourage you all to do some research on this one and tell me it doesn't look awesome.

The last mod I would like to cover is something truly special. Behold the Sigelei 100w box mod. This guy is pretty wicked. It holds 2 18650 batteries, has variable wattage from 10 to 100, and has an LCD display. This mod is sleek looking and really performs like a champion. Every hit you take is right on the money. I had several opportunities to vape this one for myself and I must say it was an unforgettable experience. And the awesome thing is you can pick one up for just around $100.00. This mod is definitely for the serious vapers and for those people who want to produce some monster size clouds. It is possible to get different skins for this mod to transform this into a statement piece that others will never forget. Whenever you have the opportunity to vape this mod, take it! See for yourself the awesome power that this Sigelei contains.

So there you have it folks. Just a brief run-down of the mods I have been keeping an eye on. Everyone is unique with their preferences and style choices and I am happy to see that there is a system for everyone out there. Make sure when you get your new system ready to fire up, grab some delicious e-juice from Slims to complete your vaping experience. Vape on Everyone!

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