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So you've just discovered vaping! Congratulations! Your head is still spinning with all the new vocabulary you are learning -sub ohm, ADV, wattage, voltage, rebuildable mods, tanks and coils. The vaping world is not short on options and variety. Well, you can relax because this is not a list of suggestions of what to buy or how to use your vaping equipment. This is a list of advice I wish I had when I started out vaping.  It took some time and wrong turns before I established an easy and economical vaping routine. Thanks to my mistakes, you can save is  money, time and frustration by following the following suggestions.


  1. Buy a good variable voltage battery or mod box. Do not buy a knock off. I know it's hard to pass up some of these ebay deals on clones that look exactly like the real thing at a dramatic discount. In time the difference will become crystal clear when they can't hold a charge or break. All of my clone batteries have died within eight months of their purchase. My authentic batteries are still working perfectly. When it comes to batteries or mod boxes it pays to buy a quality product.

  2. Buy two extra batteries or mod boxes. Get in the habit of charging them as soon as they lose power.  Having an extra battery charged can quickly change from a convenient luxury to a necessity should one die or get lost or in the case of my boyfriend- get stolen by his 11 year old nephew who thinks it looks like a light saber.

  3. Do not give your old batteries, mod boxes or tanks to friends. This may be particularly hard if you are like me and like to give gifts. You may even convince yourself that your old tank or battery is just clogging up your desk drawer. However, your favorite vaping equipment will break or get lost and your retired vaping supplies can keep you in clouds until your able to replace or fix your equipment.

  4. You probably won't vape 20 favorite flavors of ejuice! As appealing as the flavors all sound it's better to get quantity of your favorite flavors rather than 10 ml bottles of twenty or thirty flavors. Most vapers have a favorite all day vape flavor and one to three different flavors that they rotate in just to keep it interesting. However, you will need a good amount of your favorite flavor of ejuice. It is both economical and practical to have a supply of your favorite flavor in bulk. I have regretted buying a lot of small bottles of ejuice that didn't strike my fancy but I have never regretted buying too big a bottle of my favorite ejuice. A good rule of thumb would be to allow yourself one new flavor for every bulk purchase of ejuice.

  5. Use common sense when you searching to find your favorite e-juice flavors! It's a great idea to branch out and try a new flavors but be realistic. If you don't like mint or chocolate then the thin mint ejuice is probably not going to float your boat. Make choices based on your flavor palate. Chances are if you don't like eating or drinking it vaping it won't be any better.

  6. Give your ejuice a chance! There are some ejuice flavors that come alive with steeping. I had this experience with cola flavored ejuice. It's a notoriously hard to capture flavor and many a cola drinking vaping enthusiast have had disappointing experiences trying to vape this elusive real thing flavor. A week of steeping turned my ho hum cola into one of most cherished bottles of ejuice. Give your ejuice a good steep before you give up on it.

  7. Buy supplies in bulk from a reliable supplier. If you don't have a reliable supplier for your coils and tanks take time to research them before you make a big purchase. It's a good idea to check out reviews and feedback before you buy to assure you are getting quality authentic merchandise.

  8. Once you have a reliable supplier of quality vaping supplies- cherish them! Be kind, honorable and appreciative of those folks who you are doing business with. Having a good relationship with your vendor can make a big difference if your order is incomplete, mixed up or lost in the mail. Make sure you let them know you appreciate it when they get things right - they will be much more likely to help you out when things go wrong.

  9. Keep it simple. It's tempting to buy a lot of complicated equipment when your first starting out but unless your one of those extreme people who is going to learn how to make their own rebuildable mod and coils right out of the gate- buy according to your vaping experience and skill level.

  10. Make sure you know the return policy and the location of the store before you purchase from them! Some venders will go to great lengths to disguise that they are located in China or Korea or Timbuktu. Good reviews on the internet are not a guarantee that you will be happy with your product. Make sure you can return or exchange an item if you need to. Or be mentally prepared to eat the cost if the item is faulty or disappointing.

  11. Buy American. It's not just patriotic - it's practical. Using an American vendor gives you the advantage of a shared language and proximity should you need to return, exchange or re-order.

  12. Have a vaping mentor. If you know someone who vapes, don't be afraid to ask them questions or solicite advice. They even may be kind enough to share some of their favorite ejuice! An experienced vaper can also be a great help to you by suggesting equipment, spotting deals or providing advice for stuck or gurgling tanks. If you don't have a vaping buddy, Slim's blog and as a lot of great suggestions. Vape on!

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Larry Nicoe:
16/01/2019, 05:09:32 AM,

Thank you for sharing these tips. I am a new vapor. These tips will help me in vaping.

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