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It’s been eight weeks now since I smoked my last Camel Filter cigarette. The two packs that sat in my desk drawer these last two months have been recently consumed by my girlfriend’s son I can honestly report that through this period I’ve had very few cravings for an analog. The cravings I have experienced usually occur at times when I’m temporarily unable to vape. Like the times my EGO batteries go dead and/or my Protank 3 starts to flood and gurgle.


     Since my two remaining EGO batteries are very old and will soon give up the ghost for good, the time had come to seriously consider upgrading my set up. Due to the fact that I’ve been out of work now for just over three years without the benefit of unemployment or other assistance, it’s imperative that I come up with a plan to upgrade incrementally and as cheap as possible without sacrificing much quality.


     My first thought was to find a Mechanical Mod Kit that included batteries and a charger. I’d also need to purchase some A1 Kanthal at a reasonable price. That way I could build my own coils and continue to use my Protank and a couple of cheap cartomizers I have laying around until I can afford to purchase a rebuildable dripper or tank later on. The first step was to search Ebay for “cheap mods”. My search resulted in several listings for a “K101 Kit” This included the K101 mech mod, two stainless steel cartos, a drip tip, one 18350 battery, one 18650 battery, a battery charger, and a carrying case—for $28.00 shipped!


     While this kit certainly fulfilled my needs I was concerned about the quality. After all, I had seen this mod on other sites for sale at around $60.00 without the batteries. I’d seen several You Tube reviewers using this mod while reviewing rdas so I figured that the batteries, charger, and cartomizers had to be of low quality, but no matter, I figured I could still use the mod and upgrade the batteries a little later on.


     Two days later my kit arrived in the mail along with one hundred feet of 28ga Kanthal wire. I anxiously opened the package and was surprised to find a decently built device. After what seemed an eternity waiting for the 18650 battery to charge up I screwed my Protank on the mod and got ready for the next step in the vaping experience. With my clean and filled tank screwed on and a freshly charged battery installed I eagerly unlocked and depressed the fire button.


     My heart sank when nothing happened. Next step was to screw in one of the included cartomizer. It worked just fine. I was sure something was wrong with the build in my tank, but it worked just fine on my EGO batteries. After a couple of days using the cartomizers I noticed that while it was screwed into the device there was a little play, and when I tightened it up fully it quit firing. Maybe that’s the problem with the Protank.


     After replacing the cartomizer with the tank I eased out slightly on the threads and immediately heard that delightful crackling noise of the battery igniting my coil. Finally, a whole new vaping experience. I’ll need to upgrade my batteries and purchase and rda soon, but until then I’m thoroughly enjoying my vaping experience…and NOT SMOKING CIGARRETTES!

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