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Where do I begin?!?

     I've been a smoker on and off since jr. high school!  I'm 48 years old, now! I started out smoking the STRONG REDs, like all the other "cool" kids I hung around with!  I smoked through my first year of high school, then quit, cold turkey!  When I went to college, I started, again, this time with the LIGHTs of the same brand! (At least I'm loyal----LOL :))

     I smoked on and off all through college!  Then my boyfriend/fiancé broke off our engagement/wedding on the day we were to mail out invitations (so, 1 month before our actual wedding date).  Not only did this throw me into a state of deep depression and smoking heavily, I soon found out he was engaged to one of my bridesmaids!  Well, the smoking just got worse!  I probably went through 2 cartons a week!

     Jump forward 7 years of smoking about a pack or two a week, I got married, quit smoking and then got pregnant.  I did NOT smoke for approximately 4 or 5 years!  I had another baby, relocated to another state and then, stress hit my life, again!  My husband does NOT approve of me smoking, so I would find myself sneaking around outside in the middle of the night to have a cigarette!  One day, I found dipping tobacco in his truck, called him a hypocrite, and the battle had begun!

     I began smoking openly, and smoking about a pack a week!  Where we lived at the time, it was against the law to smoke in a vehicle with a child (14 or under) in the same vehicle.  Needless to say, my husband and I began to experience some major problems!  He chose work over his family!

     We, my children and I, relocated back home to our original state!  I continued to smoke, secretly!  The only ones that knew were my children!

     Fast forward 5 years, I had had a roommate come and go during the time that past.  She was a very heavy smoker, which in turn, just fueled my fire!  This past spring (March), she came to visit!  She showed me her vaping equipment and how it worked!  I was inquisitive about this option, which seemed much better than the electronic cigarette I had bought a year earlier.  The e-cig was extremely costly!  The flavored ends were minimal in choice and very high priced (even at our local Discount Tobacco Store).

     So, after trying her Vape, off we went to the Discount Tobacco Store.  I purchased a starter kit and two small bottles of juice (twice what I pay compared to Slim's)!  After "playing" with it for a couple of days, I was officially HOOKED!

     I scoured the internet for the flavors I liked; and for an education on vaping and e-juice!  I found SLIM's, almost right away!  Talk about "ONE STOP SHOPPING"!!!!
I learned about the mixing, nicotine, the variation, etc!

     I didn't know you could get caffeine in juice!?!?!  Slim's is the ONLY shop online that let's you make your own mix of juice (THANK YOU VERY MUCH), choose percentage of PG/VG, and even do add-ins (sweetener, sour, cream, etc).  Frankly, once anybody has ever shopped at SLIM's, I don't know why they would go anywhere else!
So, for the last 100 days and counting, I have been smoke free!  I have quit smoking and joined the VAPE revolution!  I don't have the headaches anymore that I used to, that were associated with smoking!

     I went to the Discount Tobacco Store on Saturday to buy a couple of new tanks, and the owner(who has become a good friend), asked me if I had quit smoking altogether?  I said "YES", so he gave me a 25% discount on my tanks and asked if I wanted any juice!  I declined that offer saying I found an AWESOME online provider by the name of SLIM's!  So, he gave me a free t-shirt instead!

     I just received my second order from SLIM (Daniel)!  WOW!!!!!  I can't pick a favorite!  They are all soooooooo good!  I especially love the tart and tangy ones!  I'm going to have to buy more tanks, now!  I can't wait to try every single one!  Since you are ALWAYS coming out with NEW flavors, I guess I am going to put orders in every two (2) weeks.  I officially only have 17 of your growing plethora of flavors!  Give me 3 or 4 months, and I'll own all the ones I want!!!!!  ;}

     Thanks again Slim (Daniel), you are AWESOME!  You should have a degree in e-juice mixing!!!!  By the way, are you a chemist or mixologist?  Just wondering because you are excellent at nailing all the flavors!  If you ever need a guinea pig, or someone to try new stuff on.....remember me!!!!!!!   ;)

Sincerely Vaping,


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