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E-cig juice comes in many different forms and flavors, but there are a lot of things involved that people don't understand at present. The different flavors that are currently available, as well as the different mixtures, as well as how to mix your own, can be something that is easily explained, you just need the right kind of information. This guide will help show you the ropes and allow you to fully grasp the concept, including how you can get the best kind of e-cigarette juice for your own needs.


Nicotine Levels


There are several nicotine levels that you will find available to you. What is important is that you look at the levels that you are currently smoking and choose an option that fits in with that.




At this level there will be no nicotine in the juice you are using. This is mainly for people who would like to stop using nicotine entirely, but still enjoy using an e-cigarette from time to time.




In most cases, this is the lowest level that you are going to see. If you want the very least amount of nicotine possible, this is the option for you.




For those of you who like to smoke light cigarettes, this is the closest option, but it is also for people who don't use their e-cigarette very often.




This is the very middle of the road. If you are a former average smoker, this will be ideal and give you an average amount of nicotine that most closely resembles the average cigarette.




This is a level up and is usually reserved for heavy smokers who smoked at least a pack a day. This can also come with the temptation to use far more than you did before, but it is the level that some people need.




For most people, this is the very highest nicotine level that you will be using. For two pack a day smokers, this is the ideal level and one that usually people don't stay at for long, especially if they are trying to quit entirely.




There are a number of different flavors available, some of which are controversial. These normally come in traditional cigarette flavors and menthol, but there are a lot of other flavors out there that can help you make the perfect choice.


Traditional Tobacco Flavors


For most people who enjoy smoking, a typical tobacco flavor will be the most popular. These come in blends that cover any kind of tobacco blend that you can think of, almost any brand, and almost any flavor you need to make sure you never miss the taste of your good old cigarettes that you've been smoking for years.




Many flavors are available that come with liquified menthol crystals, giving the pure menthol flavor that you might have experienced with cigarettes that actually had a lot of other ingredients in them.


Other Flavors


Other flavors of e-cigarette juice are available, including practically any fruit, beverage, or tasty dessert that you can think of. This is controversial due to the fact that some detractors say that it is marketed towards kids, but the truth is that they simply taste great.




In the vast majority of e-cigarette juices, the two main ingredients for oil are going to be vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. This is also one of the most confusing parts of the process if you haven't purchased e-cigarette liquids before. You'll still have to think about the flavoring and nicotine levels, but this alone will help you get much better results.


Propylene Glycol


Propylene glycol, or PG, is the most popular of these two options. That is due in part to the thin consistency that it has, but it is also more easily absorbed into the cartomizer parts as well. There is no gunk that builds up inside of the e-cigarette, and helps it last much longer overall. It is also odorless as well as tasteless, so it serves as a great way to get the flavoring you use into your lungs without having to worry about other ingredients being thrown in.


Unfortunately, it will also dry your mouth out whenever you use it on a regular basis, although that comes with a stronger "throat hit" that most people link to smoking something that is having an actual effect, even if you aren't smoking.


Something to be aware of with PG, as well, is the fact that some people are allergic to it and it can cause a variety of different reactions in your body. This can be slight tingling sensations all the way to more serious reactions if you are especially allergic to it. Find out before you start using a blend that contains a great deal of propylene glycol in it.


Vegetable Glycerin


Vegetable Glycerin, or VG, is the other option and it is much thicker than the PG that most people use. it is slightly sweet and it can sometimes dilute the flavors of your e-cigarette juice a little bit if it isn't very strong to begin with.


Conversely, this is an ingredient that has been attributed to an excess of phlegm building up in your throat, although it can be much smoother. It also provides much more vapor in comparison, due to the thickness and the ability get much more nicotine into each hit, something that is always a problem when vaporizing.


Different Ratios


Much more common than either of these on their own will be the mixture of VG and PG in different ratios, that offer different feels and tastes for different people. Most manufacturers currently have different ones available, although a mixture of 50% PG and 50% VG is most common, as are 60%/40% and 70%/30% ratios as well. This allows customers to have the right level of throat hit, flavor, and intensity that fits in with whatever they previously smoked or whatever they are preferring at the moment.


Your Favorite Nicotine E-Juice


All of these are things that you need to keep in mind if you are going to have the perfect e-cigarette juice for your needs. Think about the kinds of cigarettes that you are smoking, the level of nicotine that is in them, and the kind of carrying fluid that you would like to use to get the best results.

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