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Tips and Tricks For All You New Vapers Out There!

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This blog is a collection of articles written by our customers. They wrote these to help other newcomers find the information they might be searching for. The views, opinions, and information contained in this blog do not reflect the views of Slims Ejuice. If you are interested in writing for this blog please send an inquiry in the contact form and we will respond to your request. Enjoy!

Posted by admin 14/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

Hello everyone out there in vape land! I was sitting here working on my RDA when I got hit with a sudden epiphany. I want to write an article about some particle tips and tricks for people new to the vape scene! I get asked questions a lot about some real simple stuff. Stuff such as how to clean your system, can you mix juices, what juices should you use for specific systems, etc.. So I decided it was time to attack all of these questions head on and hopefully answer your questions about your vaping life. So let’s get into it!


First, how does one clean a tank? When I first started vaping I had this same question. I scoured the internet and found many different ways, but there is one way that I use and is very effective, and can be very enjoyable! First step, go to the liquor store and buy yourself the cheapest vodka you can find. You could use expensive stuff if that how you roll, but I digress. Next, grab yourself a small cup or plastic container (doesn’t matter) and set that off to the side. Take apart your tank assembly including the seals! And remember how it all goes back together, shouldn’t be an issue considering how tanks are all pretty straight forward little devices. Next, put it all in your container and use the vodka to fill it up just covering the tank parts. Let it sit for about ten to 15 minutes (or all night) before taking it out. Hey, grab yourself a shot to pass the time! You’ve earned it bro. When you are satisfied with the time it spent in the container, pull each piece out and lay on a towel and let it dry before putting it all back together. Then it should be as clean (or cleaner) then the day you bought it!


Next, we should discuss mixing juices. Now this is a bit of grey area but I will give you my personal belief and how I get around it. The thing about mixing juices that you always have to keep in mind is what juices you are mixing! Do you think strawberry juice will taste good with butterfinger? If you think so then try it! If not, don’t even think about it. Put a new coil in or wait till your cotton is clean (using same vodka technique) before putting new liquid in. I said it was a grey area because there are times when I mixed juices and it turned out working perfectly fine. For example, I just finished some raspberry and then I put some monster energy drink flavor on top and it was still delicious. Now what I mean by “put it on top” I meant that I am using an RDA with my own cotton. It still carries the flavor of the last juice even when it is dried up, but I am able to put new juice in there when its dried up. If you mix juices in a tank, say, 50/50, you might not like the outcome. There have been several times when I mix in just a little bit of the old stuff with the new juice, the juice turns this dark caramel color and the taste is nothing short of weird. Be wary of the juices you are putting into your tank, because you don’t want to mess up a new coil you just bought. Trust me on that, I went through several coils before I learned the lesson. This is usually because different juices, especially different brands, mix their juices differently and that can cause some major issues when you put them together. Vaping is not the best time to be a mad scientist! I should also mention that if you’re a dripper like me, you should also be careful about mixing juices. You can run into the same issue of the weird taste and your cotton turning a dark, almost black caramel color. My advice is to find a juice and stick with it till its gone. And if you want to change juices around to keep things interesting, make sure your cotton is clean and dry before putting in a new juice. This will save you time and money, and I am a huge fan for both of those things.


Since we are talking about juices, let me talk about what juice you should use for a specific system. For a tank, I use a higher pg to vg ratio and that is because I love the throat hit. Also what helped with that was a higher nicotine mg.  This is a great idea if you like the throat hit but only for a tank. I now mostly use my RDA. This kind of set up, to spare you of all the details, allows for more vapor to be produced because of the way you build it. Now, YOU ARE NOT TO USE HIGH PG! I say this with confidence because, like the crazy guy I am, I tried it! Long story short, it burns your cotton. It turns your fresh new cotton dark and the vapor kills on inhalation! It doesn’t kill you, obviously, but it hurts and is not worth it if you have to change you cotton after every hit! Also you are going to want to lower your dosage of nicotine. I know, I know, if youre anything like me, you will feel sad about not getting the same nicotine rush but trust me, you wont even notice. With the delivery of the vapor in a Rebuildable, even a 6 nicotine will feel like a 20. The difference here lies in the pg/vg ratio. You want high vg if you are dripping, and it doesn’t matter the ratio if you are tanking.


So there you have it, folks. These are just a few questions I have been asked along the way. I answer these questions with my own personal experience. I have been through it all it feels like but somehow a new adventure keeps popping up and I find a way around it. I hope that this was helpful to anyone out there. I only want to help people avoid the issues I ran into. Here’s a couple things I think anyone should remember when it comes to vaping.


-Keep your coils/cotton clean. It will last you longer and you will get a better experience for much longer.


-Keep your system clean and ready to go. Your system is your friend. It goes everywhere with you and gives you a great time. Return the favor by making sure it stays clean because then your little friend will keep chucking along your side for years to come.


Finally, I hope this article help anyone out there in need. Until next time!

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