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My top picks for an unforgettable camping extravaganza.

Hello again to all you vapers out there in vape land! I hope that this summer has been treating you all like a newborn baby (or any other way you can think of putting that). This summer has probably been a great adventure for most of you with your bon fires and pool parties and pizza party extravaganzas. I sat down and realized I am going to be driving out to the woods and having quite an awesome camping experience with my closest friends and it got me thinking. What juices could bump this camping trip up to eleven and pair perfectly with my temporary woodland abode? Alas! It is here. My top picks for vaping in the woods! Read on to get some ideas on how you can enhance your camping experience with a little help from your favorite pals at Slims E Juice.


First way to christen the trip for a sure success is to break out the first juice and chug along the tangy flavors of Cherry Limeade E Juice. And when I say tangy, I of course mean more on the sour side of things. This will waken your senses like they have never been awaken before. This is a great blend of key lime, cherry crush, and wild cherry. You will get hit with the lime and have your taste buds caressed by sweet hints of cherry for just the right combination to start your trip out right. Now its time to grab that raft with your friends and start some extreme vaping. By this I do not necessarily mean vaping while in the raft because your batteries will never forgive you! Try before and after the extreme rafting with this next vape..


You finally make it over the waterfall with your raft still intact and only a few bruises when you realize the best way to celebrate cheating death is by vaping some amazing Red Citrus Soda Ejuice. This juice tastes incredibly just like Code red. You know the great feeling of staying up all night and playing video games accompanied by your red fizzy friend. All the smiles and intense gaming you two had that led to a beautiful friendship? Well, now you can vape it, and it is great for easing off the adrenaline rush of shooting over a waterfall with nothing but a vest and a prayer.  This juice is an exciting blend of lemon, lime, strawberry, and raspberry. This juice, for me at least, helps the mind get ready for a great time in the wilderness. Making you think of all the good times sure to happen. Now it is time to set up the campsite! Show the ladies, or men, who the real king of the woods is by building a fire for the ages whilst vaping along on this next juice...


Behold, the fire is roaring and you have delicious smelling vape clouds pouring out of your face orifices. It is time to turn up that music and reload the best juice to start a raging party in the woods byt vaping some kick-ass Sour Patch Ejuice. Get hit with the sour and then smile with the sweet. This is a great, classic blend of Lemon, Lime, Watermelon, Apple Candy, Sour, and Lemonade! All you can hope to say after the first hit is... Wow! This juice pairs wonderfully with any adult beverage you may fancy, however, it is subjective. Your mouth will most likely salivate due to the intense awesome flavor that hits you right off the bat.


Your friends pull out the picnic table and break out the ping pong balls and you know what time it is. This game may require a change of pace in the juice. You want something that can help you focus and get your head into the game, and alas, you pull out of your bag a unique juice that is quite the enigma. May I introduce to you the Fire and Ice Ejuice? A simple, yet complex combination of Cinnamon Red Hots and Extreme Ice. You choose this juice for the game because it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Set your mouth on fire and then douse it in a wintery blast right away. You will only want more after this experience. You may think it would be confusing and wrong, but I tell you it is necessary and so, so right. Try putting in some caffeine to really give this juice an extra jolt of excitement, from zero to sixty in no time flat.


After you of course won the game, you realize it is time to sit around the fire and start relaxing and reflecting on the greatest first day of camping ever. May I recommend the Dutch Apple Pie Ejuice to help you calm your senses to the guy playing 90’s covers on his cheap guitar across the fire. This juice is one of my personal favorites. It tastes just how grandma used to make em. Buttery and crispy with a delicious note of apples and cinnamon warm your soul. You will probably think its thanksgiving and wonder when the turkey will be finished.  This flavor is spot on with the name and others around you will thank you for vaping it. I also recommend adding some Butter Cream flavor and/or Vanilla Bean Ice Cream flavor to this juice to really get the whole experience. People might be begging you to share this juice with them so be prepared.


Well it’s about that time to do some late night fishing. So you grab your pole and juice and head down to the lake and show those fish who is at the top of the food chain. For this experience, I recommend Chocolate Mint Ejuice. This juice is a great combination of Milk Chocolate and Peppermint. This is ice cream the way it was meant to be vaped, my friends. The milk chocolate is most likely the first thing you will taste. Then the peppermint is close behind with a cooling sensation to make you feel like you just had a spoonful of ice cream. It really gives you that feeling of sitting in the Ice cream parlor with your honey and sharing a couple scoops of ice cream. This is a great thought to have since you realized you have been sitting at the shore without any fish biting. You reel in your line and find that the fish have stolen your bait, but you smile because you had a great vape in the process.


One last juice to wrap up this camping trip is something to help you remember the good times and stay awake while you drive you and your close friends back home safely. For this I recommend the Master Pibby Ejuice. This juice is a wonderful mix of Wild Cherry and Dr. Pepper. This juice is sure to keep you from getting too bored behind the wheel. Try adding some caffeine to this juice to really kick yourself into gear. Start singing a song about bottles on the wall and get the whole car into a game of I-spy! Pass this juice around to get everyone pumped up for the road trip, just don’t forget the snack.


Well there you have it folks, my suggestions for juices that can make your camping experience something like no other trip has ever been able to be. My suggestions are just that, suggestions. All these juices are subjective and you may have your own list of juices that really liven up your party.  Slims Ejuice is great at creating juice to fit into virtually any experience, and that is why they are my number one choice! When they say what the juice is called and what’s in it, you better believe they will deliver and perhaps even exceed your expectations. I do hope that everyone is having a great summer out there, and I do hope that you are making Slims a part of your everyday adventures! When you go camping, make sure not to go vaping while in a raft flying down the river, and be careful building that fire, even though it does look fun to play with.


Thank you all! Vape on!



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