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Crowning any company or store as the absolute best of the e-cigarette industry is more than likely an impossible task. Personal taste matters, personal traditions matter. While it is true that not all companies were created equal, someone can still hate a well regarded store, and absolutely love one that most vapers will loathe. One particular store can be great at developing their own e-liquids for example, but at the same time, they can manufacture some subpar e-cigarettes and vice-versa. With all that said, there are a number of companies out there that managed to build a great reputation, companies that earned the customers’ trust, for a reason. Let’s take a look at some of those companies, what makes them stand out, what are their strengths and weaknesses, if there are any.


Asia Based Companies


Fast Tech: Fast Tech is a Hong-Kong based company that mostly operates as an online outlet, with a large number of products in stock at any given time. Not only they have affordable prices, but they actually offer free shipping for their international customers, which is always a big plus. In addition to the quality e-liquids, they also offer e-solids, which is essentially your usual e-liquid in a gel form. Most vapers are skeptical about those gels however, and they were not yet reviewed extensively, so staying on the liquids might be a good idea for the time being. Fast Tech is still a great company, and the only real concern about them is the occasional shipping problems, but when products has to travel several thousands of miles, stuff like this bound to happen.


Health Cabin: Health Cabin is another Asia, or more precisely, Xiamen based company, with a wide array of electronic cigarette brands and models. The customers can choose a “faster than usual” delivery which is a plus, and although their prices are a little bit higher than Fast Tech’s, they are still affordable for most e-cigarette users, and their e-cigarette lineup is certainly a versatile one.


Europe Based Vendors

T-Juice: T-Juice is a UK based E-Liquid store, and they are exclusively working in the e-liquid business. Even though they don’t sell e-cigarettes, their E-liquid lineup is so vast that they deserve some attention. Although they are pricier than the Asian stores, they compensate this with a larger selection of e-liquids, along with a “flavor creation” function, where the customer can create their own special flavors from scratch.


E-Cigaretteshop – S&Heaven: E-Cigaretteshop is an Ireland based e-cigarette vendor, with a quite versatile stock. They offer popular e-liquid brands like Halo or Zeus, and they’re doing that at a very competitive price. If you are from Ireland, they seem like a no brainer, as they have special offers and promotions for Irish people at all times.


Vaperus: Vaperus a small(ish) online vendor that is located on the boarder between Cavan and Monaghan. They offer a large selection of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, along with a collection service that is available for all online orders. Unlike most of the listed stores, they also run a loyalty program, which gives frequent rewards to their most loyal customers.


Vendors In North America


E-Cigarettes are sweeping the nation in North America, creating a competitive market with great prices and higher quality products. Today, there are quality vendors in basically every state, with some standouts amongst them.


Highbrow Vapor: Highbrow Vapor is a California; or more precisely Fresno based company, a company that managed to develop a reputation in the few years since e-cigarettes came onto the scene. They are famous for creating their own e-juice brands with some homemade flavors. Just like T-Juice, they don’t sell any devices at their store, which isn’t necessarily a problem as they manage to create some of the best tasting liquids on the market, all while staying reasonably priced.


Halocigs: Halocigs is a New Jersey based outlet, with a large selection of e-cigarettes and quality liquids. They are also the official outlet of Halo, offering genuine and authentic products from that well regarded brand. Their range of flavors is second to none, and now they also sell e-cigarettes which they develop themselves. They constantly offer quality promotions to their customers. Their brands are definitely not the cheapest, but for that price, they deliver premier quality.


Madvapes: Madvapes is a North Carolina based vendor with one of the largest collections currently available. They originally launched back in 2009, and their collection expanded nicely since. At the moment, their stock includes all kinds of e-cigarettes from various brands including many different models, and of course it also includes e-liquids, some of which they create themselves. They currently operate at 8 different locations in North Carolina, and their stores often ran different promotions with great bonuses. They also offer free shipping above $100, without any discount code necessary. Their own liquid called “Lion Head”, and it was created by using their own special flavorings. For those who have a tighter budget, they can offer less pricy, but still respectable products.


MT Baker Vapor: Mt Baker Vapor is a Washington based company that is famous for having the largest selection of available US liquid. Those who want to go through their selection can spend hours in front of the computer. They have a unique promotion, above a $50 purchase they offer free shipping, which is quite rare. Although their main profile is e-liquids, they also sell various e-cigarettes with many brands and models. Only one thing on the negative side, their promotions are only available for domestic orders.


Mom and Pop Vapor Shop: Mom and Pop Vapor shop is a unique shop, they are one of the few US stores that offer their own special “gourmet” liquids that they carefully hand crafted themselves. In addition to those special e-liquids, they also boost an impressive selection of e-cig batteries, along with various vaporizers the customers can purchase in either a kit, or separately. They also ship their products worldwide, which is another major positive going for them.


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