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Posted by admin 12/01/2016 0 Comment(s)
I started Vaping a little under a year ago. It was introduced to me through one of my close friends who was previously a smoker as well. Mind you I am 22 years old now I had been smoking since I was 14 years old. Whenever someone asked if I wanted to quit smoking I replied "No, I enjoy smoking ciggerettes". I was a very dedicated smoker you could say. 
     One day my close friend came to my house with his "vape" or Ecig as he called it at the time I was mildly interested in it. He had an all mechanical mod with a Kanger Protank II on it. I tried it and was okay with the flavor. However it didn't catch my eye enough so I kept on smoking cigarettes.
     Ironically a week later another friend of mine brought a pack of TAR GUARDS from Walgreen's and brought them to my house and let me put one on the end of my Cigarette. What it did was collect some (not all) of the tar that was going into my lungs so I could physically see the tar build up. I was disgusted to say the least. Within a week of using the Tar Guards I got ahold of my buddy and told him I wanted to start Vaping as soon as possible. 
     Like most people I started on a Ego Twist (Variable Voltage) device with my Kanger Protank II. The Kanger Protank was the most viable option for me at the time because it was easy to maintain by just changing out my wicks every couple of weeks. My wicks were $5 for 10 of them so it was very cost efficient vs smoking cigarettes and spending around $5 a DAY on cigarettes (yes that is right I was a pack a day smoker). I got all my gear at the local vape store and boom I was vaping on.
     I started on 24mg of nicotine at first. I was very satisfied with my vaping experience and just like cigarettes I found myself saying "Even when I get to a low or no nicotine I am going to continue to vape". Here I am now at 3mg of Nicotine dripping on my Rebuildable Patriot enjoying every vape.
     Recently I had found slims through an online friend that I play video games with. He suggested that I go through Slims to get some juice and so I did. I can say since I got my juice from slims I have been nothing but satisfied with the flavor that I get out of my Vapes. Since I started vaping it has been very hard to find a solid and affordable supply of juice. With Slims you get quality juice for a good price not to mention the shipping is fast!
     Vaping is more than my nasty habbit that my Fiancee hated the smell of. It is a hobby of mine that I will enjoy for years to come. Since I quit smoking I have not bought a pack of cigarettes and will continue to Vape Exclusively.

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