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The Month Ahead for Everyone


The end of January through late February is under the domain of the water bearer, Aquarius. While the Sun transits the sign of Aquarius it is the time of year to experiment with new things, socialize and network with like-minded individuals, and further ambitions and aspirations through innovation and concentrated, in-depth study. Until the middle of the month, Retrograde Mercury – a condition where the planet looks as though it is moving backwards from Earth's perspective – causes communication delays, miscommunication, and disturbances in thought processes. Toward the month's end, Venus and Mars enter fiery Aries within hours of each other, converging in an exact conjunction on February twenty-second. This increases everyone's energy to start new projects, try things differently, and pursue financial goals and future ambitions.  All in all, February is an exciting month full of fresh, vital energy. Aquarius, and its ruling planet, Uranus, also rule the unexpected, so be prepared for a surprise or two!

For vapers, this is the perfect time to try new flavors and experiment with novel equipment, such as a mod. It is also a great time to explore the vaping community in your neighborhood or town, such as a local vape store or vape lounge. Sharing information with other vapers is the best way to avoid making common mistakes, compare notes, and share tips. It is also the best way for novices to get up to speed on eJuices and equipment.

If there isn't a place where you can meet other vapers readily apparent, why not start your own vaping club? Connect with other vapers online and make a plan to meet IRL (in real life) at a local pub or other common area. Depending on the laws of your state, vaping may or may not be legal in public places. See if you can get a local bar owner to set aside a separate area for vapers or designate one night per week or month as "Vaper's Night" if there are anti-vaping laws that prevent people from vaping in public spaces such as in New York City. How can you get a bar or restaurant proprietor to give you a weekly or monthly night? Offer to market and promote Vaper's night and let them know you will bring them extra business and new customers. February and the sign of Aquarius, in general, is all about socializing and networking so NOW is the time to establish a vaping club.

Aquarius is also the sign that rules technology and the Internet, social media, and all forms of electronic communication. If forging out into uncharted territory by establishing a social organization is too high maintenance for you, another option for connecting with other vapers is to explore online communities such as the,,,, or You can also explore vaping groups on social media, such as Slim's eJuices Facebook group, which has a very active and friendly group of vapers where you can seek out like-minded vapers for fellowship, support, and information.*

February is also a great time to score amazing deals on batteries, tanks, and accessories. Scour the Internet for the best deals on equipment toward the end of the month, when suppliers will be slashing prices for the end of the fiscal year. Ask fellow vapers on the forums for advice about the best place to buy your next battery before you make the purchase; you'll be surprised by how much money you save. Another tip: read the reviews for any vaping tech in which you are planning to invest – you could save yourself headaches, frustration, and money by doing just a little bit of research. Aquarius is, after all, also the sign of information, investigation, and exploration. Use February to explore expand your vaping horizons!

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The Month Ahead for Each Sign



You will more social than ever in February, perhaps you'll celebrate Mardi Gras with friends in New Orleans or attend a parade for Chinese New Year. One thing goes without a doubt: you will be having a good time all month long. You are attracted to fun, party flavors and are curious to try weird combinations that aren't usually in your repertoire, such as fruity, sweet flavors such as Yum Yum Candy eJuice, Italian Stallion eJuice or Grateful Bears Ejuice.


Slim's eJuice Flavors for February

Yum Yum Candy eJuice

Grateful Bears Ejuice.

Italian Stallion eJuice



You are feeling more indulgent than ever in February, so you'll give in to your desires in everything you do. If you've just switched to vaping but still can't kick the cigarette habit, this is the month you'll finally make the switch permanent. How? By gifting your significant other a vaping setup of his or her own. Once your partner stops smoking, you'll both be able to kick the habit by vaping exclusively. So stock up on supplies: buy coils, eJuice, extra batteries, and all the accessories you need so you can keep up the good work!


Slim's eJuice Flavors for February

Squint Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Plump Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



Geminis are great communicators by nature. In February you'll turn some of your intellect, writing ability, and verbal skills toward fighting for vaper's rights in your local community. Recently, local governments as well as federal bodies like the FDA have been attacking vaping from all sides; lumping it in with tobacco products, levying higher taxes, and increasing regulation. Bring like-minded individuals from your local community together and make your voices heard by protesting unfair legislation and rules.   


Slim's eJuice Flavors for February

Circus Peanuts Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



You Cancers always keep to yourself, preferring to maintain your privacy to superficial popularity or an insincere overactive social life. This month you may be in high demand by close friends and family w

Slim's eJuice Flavors for February

Very Berry Vanilla Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Cereal Killa Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



You are more romantic than ever in February, lavishing your special someone with more gifts, affection, and attention than usual. You may even treat yourself and someone special to a vacation or weekend out of town to escape the winter blues. Likewise, you will crave exotic fruit and citrus flavors that remind you of distant faraway lands or tropical islands.


Slim's eJuice Flavors for February

Key Lime Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Tropical Island Breeze Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



In February you are in a nostalgic mood, looking back on the past with a sentimental perspective. Even though you gave up smoking for good a long while ago, you may crave the tobacco flavor this month to remind you of the good old days. Oldport Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping or other tobacco flavors will let you remember what it was like to smoke – minus the tar, smoke, and ashes!


Slim's eJuice Flavors for February

A Call to Arms Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Robin Road Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



In February, Libra lets it all hang out and gets down and parties hard! Socializing with friends is always on the agenda for fun-loving Libra, but in 2015 you'll branch out and meet tons of new people, possibly through vaping community networks. You may even meet a romantic interest through your common interest in vaping, so keep a lookout at the vape shop for a cute stranger that can't keep his or her eyes off you!


Slim's eJuice Flavors for February

Sparkle Party Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Little Richardson Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



In February you just want to get cozy in front of the TV, have some delicious comfort food, and enjoy a sweet vape with your sweetheart. Although you usually tend toward spicy, complex flavors, this month simple, straightforward comfort vapes is what you crave.


Slim's eJuice Flavors for February

Pancake Delight Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Godfather Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



You're feeling extra in February, especially craving collaborating with others on artistic projects. Working with a partner will help you get a creative project, such as a screenplay, done by making you accountable to someone else. You need something to get some pep in your step, so you may freshen your palette with menthol flavors for a change.  


Slim's eJuice Flavor for February

Orange Tic Tac Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Drunken Turtle Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



Capricorns are known as one of the most disciplined signs of the zodiac, with a superior willpower and ability to achieve whatever your goals. In February, you'll give yourself a much-needed break. You've been working too hard and you have earned some relaxation. Your eJuice flavor preferences will reflect your desire to get away from it all and enjoy the sweeter side of life.


Slim's eJuice Flavor for February

Moose Juice Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Unicorn Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Treat yourself to a new mod in February to celebrate your time of the year. If you've recently given up smoking cigarettes by switching to vaping, you feel more confident and sure of your choice now than ever. As a fixed sign, Aquarians can be resistant to change but this year you'll be more adaptable than usual. This makes 2015 the Year of Transformation, when you get out of comfortable ruts and explore new territory.


Slim's eJuice Flavor for February

Geeks Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Bloody French Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping



Your innate introverted nature is heightened this month and you may feel like hiding from the world. Rather than socialize in person, you'll spend more time on the Internet reaching out to like-minded people through online forums and social media. When an unexpected sum of money comes your way in the form of an unexpected windfall or the repayment of an old debt, treat yourself to something special such as a cartomizer or clearomizer that you've wanted for months. Don't cheap out though; indulge in high quality equipment that will last.


Slim's eJuice Flavor for February

Sweet Dreams Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

Hurricane Ejuice Eliquid for Vaping

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