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I have been vaping on slim’s ejuice for over two years now. And I can honestly say that I have not had a flavor that I did not like. I have tried over 50 of their flavors not including some of the ones that I  have come up with using their custom build a flavor option. Whenever I place an order I usually order myself a usual favorite flavor, I order a new flavor that I have never tried before, and I order a flavor from their custom build a flavor. Through many experimentations, I have stumbled across some phenomenal flavors that I can’t keep a secret any longer. So, I would like to share a couple of my “discoveries” with you now.


Pink Tears

This is a flavor that slims actually named. I had them whip this flavor up for me and didn’t give them a custom name to call it, because I couldn’t come up with one, they decided to name this for me. This is a blend of 50% Mermaid’s Tears and 50% Pink Starburst. The blend of nectarine, strawberry, menthol, and mint you get from the Mermaid’s Tears blends perfectly with the strawberry, watermelon, vanilla swirl, and sour from the Pink Starburst into what can be described as a fruity bliss. This flavor will keep your taste buds dancing!


Blue Antifreeze

First off, you cannot go wrong with antifreeze. By itself it makes for excellent and flavorful smoke. The blend of watermelon, Mountain Dew, wild cherry, menthol, and koolada is an awesome combination all on its own. But, if you take 60% Antifreeze add 20% Blueberry and 20% Raspberry, well then, you have something truly unique and flavorful. This flavor has become one of my favorites for when I am really craving something sweet and don’t want to kill my blood sugar with candy.


Corn Drizzle

Another flavor that I have grown quite fond over time is what I like to call Corn Drizzle. Basically this is 50% Kettle Corn and 50% Chocolate with extra sweetner added in. This is an awesome flavor for the fall. This flavor is just so smooth and tastey. This is another one that helps curb the sweet tooth. And it tastes just like the chocolate covered kettle corn that I get from my local gourmet popcorn shop.


Caramel Macchiato


I order a lot of caramel macchiatos from my local super brand coffee shop (which I will leave unnamed), and at six bucks a pop it gets really expensive to ease my craving for that flavor. So, I have come up with a way to have Slim’s make me a perfect tasting caramel macchiato that tastes just like the buck’s. I go to their custom build a flavor, I have them do 50% coffee, 20% French Vanilla, and 30% Caramel Candy. I love this flavor so much! Several friends that I have introduced to Slim’s and have told them about this flavor say it’s one of the best flavors that they have ever had.


I love slim’s ejuice so much!! I hate paying a lot of money to these local shops that sell crap quality juice and don’t even make it fresh. They are just a waste of time and money. Their juice goes stale really quick, and even though they offer “100’s of flavors”, they usually sacrifice quality for quantity and offer no customization options. When I first started vaping I would go to the local vape shop, I’d tell them that I want this flavor in so and so nicotine level. They would tell me, “Well we have that flavor in but we don’t have that nicotine level. You can get that flavor in one level lower or one level higher.” And that is not what I wanted. Or I would ask them for a flavor and nicotine level and they would tell me they were all out of that flavor, and that I could pay for it now and pick it up on Friday when their mixer guy is in to mix the flavors. At the risk of sounding like a spoiled rotten child, I want what I want when I want it!!


I am a slim’s customer for life. The options they offer us are unlimited. With Slim’s I can not only change the vg to pg ration, they have all these extra add ins, I can have extra flavor, and they even add in caffeine!! What other ejuice company does that? I never have to worry about Slim’s not having a certain flavor in or a certain nicotine level available for me. And unlike so may other ejuice sources, Slim’s has the custom build a flavor. They will make me anything I want when I want it. I love Slim’s for that! I really encourage everyone out there to try slim’s at least once, if anything for the custom build a flavor.


I cannot tell you how many people that I have gotten to quit smoking and go to vaping. One of my main selling point to them is Slim’s. I’ll pull up their website and show them just how awesome that vaping can be with the massive amount of flavors available. I show them just how fun vaping can be. I also convince them that when they puff on an ejuice from Slim’s the smell is so much better than that of cigarette smoke. I tell them they can even vape around the kids and they don’t have to worry about them smelling bad around other people. So many times have I told people, “Here, try a puff on my vape and see what you think. It’s a custom flavor that I just had personally made for me.”

I encourage everyone to get out there and experiment. Go to slim’s website, be brave, try some recipes. Be bold and go and make your own flavors. You can try one of my recipes that I wrote here. Or, just try some of slim’s regular mixes until you get a feel for what you like. I can promise you this, Slim’s ejuice has something for everyone. You are going to like what they have to offer.

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