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Posted by admin 12/01/2016 1 Comment(s)

I stumbled across Slim’s Ejuice completely by accident several weeks ago while researching the general ingredients that go into the products I’m vaping.  I had real concerns about the stuff a friend of mine was getting for me from China and wanted to find good, clean, made-in-the-USA flavors online.  After reading several good reviews, I decided to give Slim’s products a try and ordered several bottles of the Cowboy Blend with 32mg nicotine and Slim’s standard mix formula.  Being a newly reformed Copenhagen dipper, I still crave large doses of nicotine.  I must say that my choice of flavors was a good choice and I’ll continue ordering the Cowboy Blend in the future.  What surprised me the most was how clean and smooth the product tasted versus the mixes I had tried from other sources.  I was also happy to learn that Slim makes his juices using the best quality ingredients made in the United States.  I love the fact that I can get 20% off anytime just because I liked the Slim’s Ejuice Facebook page.  Factor in the free shipping along with all the other reasons to buy from Slim and it’s a no-brainer where I’ll be buying my ejuices from now on.


     For my second order, I stuck with the Cowboy Blend and added in a couple of 50ml bottles of Black & Mild to try.  Again, I felt like I had to max out my nicotine availability so this order was for 36mg nicotine.  That proved to be more nicotine than I could handle.  Next came an order that was totally random for me.  I tried Snake Oil and OMG this juice is good!  I made it through about one third of the bottle and ordered five more 50ml bottles.  I stuck with 32mg nicotine for my last order as well.  Now that I have several 50ml bottles of juice in 32mg strength, I decided that I want to start cutting my nicotine level down a little at a time so I’m getting ready to order some lower-level nicotine juices to mix with the stuff I’ve already bought.  I’ll have plenty to share with my vaping friends and I’ll be able to mix it into varying strengths.


     Another thing that was pretty cool for me:  When I made my first two orders I didn’t pay any attention to where the product was actually being made within the United States.  When this order arrived, I was surprised to see that this great product is made just eleven miles from my office.  I just hope that Slim will let me drop by sometime for a first-hand look at how the products are made and hopefully get to try a few new flavors while I’m there.  It really doesn’t matter if you are just a few miles away or if you live on the other side of the country… you really should give Slim’s products a try.  Now jump on over to Slim’s Signature Mixes section and add some Snake Oil to your order.  Vape on!


1 Comment(s)

03/08/2017, 07:15:56 AM

I've been using slims ejuice for about 3 years, at first, did'nt seem like anything amazing, but within the last year, especially with their glass bottles, and their excellent 50% off promos, I started with them again. All I can say is excellent. I have tried a dozen of their cloud and premium flavors and so far have loved them all. Their shipping has also been excellent, generally 3 days from order and my product is here not to mention the price. 120ml for $11 on the 50% off promo. All I can say is WOW, Keep up the excellent work Slim!!! Lifetime customer!! So far I have recommended slims to 5 others and they as well now only purchase their juices from Slim. Great product and great price. Cant speak for all the flavors but so far I enjoy their menthol, master key, blueberry, dragons breathe, tru OG, and a few others. GOOD JOB SLIM.

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