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Slim’s EJuice is an online e-juice retailer with a large and versatile selection. Ran by a fellow vapor, we are providing quality products for any customer that wants to enjoy their e-cigarette. With a vast experience and good connections, our stock is always full of home-made goodies that represent a great quality, all while keeping more than competitive prices. What really make us unique however, are two rather uncommon policies. First, they are welcoming special requests from time to time. As they say it, if they don’t have the flavor the customer is looking for, they’ll simply create it. Another major factor that makes this retailer quite special is the fact that they are offering free shipping on any of their products!

Product listing

     We can run into the same efficient simplicity when we browse the product categories on the left side of the home page. The listing of specified products is just as straightforward as any other function of the site. For those customers who are interested, some of the products are available wholesale, in 10 and 30 ML packets. By clicking on either of those options, the relevant products will pop up where the customer can choose between various bottles with different strengths and flavors.

Main flavors

     Candy flavors: Slim’s provides various candy flavored e-juices to its customers with unique options in addition the classics. The apple candy or the black licorice flavors won’t knock any vapors out of their socks, but this fine retailer has other tricks up in their sleeves, like the peanut butter cup, the peppermint candy, or the Swedish fish E-juice.

     Special flavors (after classic cake recipes): If the customer wants some classic flavors while enjoying their e-cigarette, Slim’s – once again – won’t let them down. Starting with classics like the apple pie or the cheesecake, Slim’s also provides unique, magnificent flavors to them like the bananas foster, the fudge brownie, or the key lime pie e-liquid.

     Drink flavored e-liquids: A cake or candy flavored e-juice might seem a little weird for some, but not many would reject the classic taste of a good drink why enjoying their cigarettes. Puffing smoke (or in that case vapor) while enjoying the flavor of a quality beverage never really goes out of style. Slim’s offers the flavor of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including some classics like the amaretto, the brandy flavored e-juice, or the Coca-Cola flavored e-liquid, along with some other, more unique options like the chai tea, the blue ice, the French vanilla, or the fuzzy navel e-juice.

     Slim’s Signature Mixes: In addition to the drink, candy, or cake flavored e-liquids, Slim’s also has some surefire, “home brewed” mixes like the after dark e-juice that offers a heavy flavor, or the berry blast that will bring the flavor of the forest to the customer.

Building your own flavor

     If somebody had a specific flavor in their mind that they simply couldn’t find in the vast selection of Slim’s, they can always just custom build their own special flavor. Just as the main page’s or the checkout’s layout, the “build your own flavor” page is also very easily understandable from a mechanics standpoint. The customer can first select their bottle sizes, the choices here will range from 30 ML up to 250 ML. The smallest bottle will cost $12 , and if the customer wants to choose the biggest, 250 ML packet, they’ll pay a grand total of $43.50 (not counting the additional e-caffeine).

     Once the bottle size has been selected, the next choice is the nicotine strength. Here the customer will have as many as 12 choices that will start out with no nicotine at all, up until the strongest, 36 milligrams bottles. This means that 1 ml from that bottle (1 ml is roughly 20 drops from the liquid) will contain 36 milligrams of nicotine. Once the customer has selected the nicotine strength, the next option is the PG/VG ratio, which refers to the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin proportions.

     The next selection is the e-caffeine content with two options, a normal, and a heavy one. If all choices have been made, next up are the possible add-ons and the flavors themselves. The possible add-ons include heavy, sour, menthol, sweet cream, sweetener, and smooth flavors, with the option to choose several, or even all of those (although that’s obviously not recommended). Once the customer has selected the add-ons, the only thing that’s left is to choose the flavors. As many as 5 flavors can be added here, and the emphasis here is definitely on the “adding”, as there are no selectable options, the customers can simply write down any flavor they had in mind, and they think would work together. Once everything is ready, they can name their creation, before adding it to the cart.

Slim’s E Juice

     Slim’e E-juice offers options for anyone who likes to enjoy an e-cigarette, but also one which tastes great. With so many options to find the perfect replacement for your tobacco cigarettes, in addition to the unique ability to design a flavor of your very own, this is a one of a kind resource that simply can’t be topped. Have a look around and take a look at the kinds of juices that we offer and you will not be disappointed. The perfect option is waiting for you just on the other page.

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