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September-October 2015
by Margaret Santangelo
Be prepared to butt heads with a romantic or business partner. Feisty Mars and severe Saturn make diplomacy and negotiation the favored m.o. for resolving interpersonal strife. However, you might want to ask yourself: is resolution what I really want? You might be having too much fun sparring with an opponent. Indulge your natural Aries aggression and make your will known, but avoid wasting time on conflict just for the sake of conflict.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Hibiscus Punch
You feel trapped right now, Taurus, especially regarding your domestic situation. Now is the time to make major changes and put an end to stifling living conditions. With a little help from Mars and Saturn, you will have both the ambition and the discipline to implement improvements in your daily routine, especially your job, that enable you to quickly transform your abode into a the safe, cozy home you really want.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Plentiful Goodness
Mars stimulates your imagination and fills you with motivation. On the other hand, Saturn forces you to be realistic and bring lofty plans back down to earth. Your challenge is to devise a way to work your wild, wacky, artistic visions work into a realistic, grounded framework. The new moon in October inspires inventive innovations that enable you to accomplish exactly that.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Wolverine
Your tribe is extra sensitive and emotional, but what else is new? An overflow of sentimentality for the good old days is mere self-indulgence for some, but for Cancers, it can actually be crippling. Obsessing over the past, either through regret or nostalgia, is a dangerous game right now. The good old days were probably not as blissful and perfect as they seem; it is time to focus on the here and now.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Strawberry Horchata
It’s time to get down to business, Leo, and leave the partying and socializing behind. This month, your tribe enjoys more discipline and self-control, especially for fulfilling pressing domestic responsibilities. The new moon in October marks a time of celestial rebirth, enhanced ambition, and renewed enthusiasm. Make the most of it.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Bourbon and Peaches
A disagreement over money matters will rise to a crescendo this fall. Mars and Saturn make compromise close to impossible. Heed your intuition when evaluating financial issues and give yourself plenty of time to make important decisions. You are inspired to get organized and prepare to finally put an end to a long-standing battle over the next few months.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Fluff
You can break through your usual characteristic indecisiveness this fall as you are full of both self-discipline and self-motivation. Channel your renewed lust for life into creative and artistic endeavors you previously abandoned. You may be pleasantly surprised at just how easily and effortlessly everything falls into place when you pursue the realization of long-ago abandoned aspirations. 
Slim's Fall Flavor: Grape Pixies
Scorpios don’t really have a problem with self-motivation or self-discipline, the themes of this fall's Mars-Saturn activity. Instead, your tribe’s problems stem from a profound, deep-rooted cynicism that makes it impossible for you to channel your natural ambition and drive into any particular endeavor not because you are unable to do so, but rather, because you can name one thousand reasons why these pursuits are not worth your time. The new moon in October renews your faith in the value of your contribution.  
Slim's Fall Flavor: Amber Dragon
Throwing caution to the wind and proceeding with reckless abandon (like you usually do) is not a well-advised course of action right now, Sagittarius. Saturn and Mars teach difficult lessons this fall, especially when it comes to meeting our obligations and taking responsibility for our actions. The good news is, if you resolve to change your uncontrolled ways, the stars will not only provide assistance, but will also reward you beyond your wildest expectations.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Unicorn Magic
Your disciplined approach and unrelenting determination have paid off for you well in the past, Capricorn. However, right now, you will achieve more easily with less effort if you make an effort to take a spontaneous and less neurotic approach, especially with creative projects. Let your creativity flow in an unstructured, even unbridled manner, and you will be amazed at the progress you will be able to make in a very short time.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Vanilla Milkshake
It is time to stop and take a rest, Aquarius, the non-stop running around for the past few months is taking a toll on not only your relationships with others, but also with yourself. If you find yourself blocked creatively or otherwise, rather than battle obstacles and insist on forcing forward progress, this could be a clue that taking a time out for yourself and your loved ones is the best course of action.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Monstrous Melons
A nagging uneasiness that has been plaguing you deep down inside for months may finally disappear as quickly as it came, freeing up your psyche for more important endeavors, like daydreaming, fantasizing, and meditating. You have been so focused on the practical and the material side of life lately that you may be neglecting your need for psychic self-exploration. Reconnecting with your inner self will alleviate stress, stimulate creativity, and revitalize your personal relationships.
Slim's Fall Flavor: Star Crunchies

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