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Posted by admin 12/01/2016 0 Comment(s)
First of all I would like to say I am so very impressed with you and your staff! You guys provide top notch customer care, super fast shipping and free at that, and superior ejuice at a price that just astounds me. Before I found your site on the web, my step daughter had stopped by one day and was using an e-cigarette and after some discussion I decided to give it a try. Now let me explain my reasoning for this, I LOVE smoking cigarettes, I have smoked for over 30 years, however, I do have 13 precious grandchildren that I do not want to pollute with my second hand smoke. Therefore, I thought hmmm I could get one of those and when the grandkids are over or the kids that don’t smoke drop by I could use that and they wouldn’t have to be around cigarette smoke. So I went to the local vape store and bought my supplies and just got regular tobacco juice because I thought flavors were just stupid, and I was good to go. For the first 3 days I just played around with it and hit it here and there but on Saturday I told my husband I am just going to try this thing and see if it really takes care of my craving and see if I can do without a cigarette. WOW I went the whole day and the next and next until 3 weeks went by. But during that time I thought well maybe I will try a flavor and OH BOY was I opened up to a whole new world!! Now I have a 250 ml bottle of plain tobacco juice sitting there probably will never be used. So the local vape store I was using I was pretty satisfied with them but they were pretty pricey and I started to notice that sometimes my flavor didn’t taste like it did when I tried it at the counter and they wouldn’t let me return it or remix it for me. So this is where SLIMS comes into my story..........
     I got on the web and started searching for ejuice and I saw Slims site and I looked it over and the prices looked good.  I saw the code thankyou for 20% off,and then I saw free shipping, no way I thought they offer 100% money back guarantee, it is mixed in the USA and in the South too!!! This is too good to be true! So skeptically, I placed an order and when it came, sure enough just as I expected the very first bottle I opened had no flavor, I was so disappointed. But I thought hey they said 100% money back guarantee so I sent an email to Jennifer and never thought I would hear back from her. I heard back from her the same day and she offered to replace, refund or add heavy flavor. I am so glad I chose to add heavy flavor. I received my replacement order within 3 days along with a new order I had already placed lol. The rest of the first order was absolutely devine. Since I started using Slims I have bought juice from no one else and never will. I have so many bottles of juice from you guys it is crazy. I was recently out of state visiting my parents and my husband called me and said, honey I think you got some medication in the mail today it is from Daniel Branch. I just started laughing, I said no baby, that is ejuice, just sit it on my night stand and I will get it when I get home. Well when I got home, I had three wonderful surprises from Daniel Branch and everyone of them were so delightful. I tell every friend I have about you guys because I am not just about saving money but also about quality and you guys provide both. My husband and I are small business owners and normally I would be for keeping dollars in our hometown, but when you get the savings, quality, and service that you guys provide, I cant afford not to take my business elsewhere.  You guys simply ROCK the ejuice world!! You are the mixing wizard Slim! Best of luck to you all!
Terri Fuller

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