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I have two major hobbies in my life, and I love them both dearly: vaping and coffee. One of my favorite coffee shops is one that’s well known and loved by many. I won’t mention their name specifically because I don’t want anyone to get sued, lol. But, either way, the flavors and blends taste absolutely amazing. Some of the flavors are worth the six dollar price tag for the cup of coffee. Then again, with Slims build a flavor I’m able to save myself quite a bit of money by building these great tasting flavors. So, I would like to share some of these great tasting recipes that I have come up with, thanks to Slims.


So, First off, one of my favorite flavors to drink and vape is the Caramel Macchiato. To build this flavors at slims you need to add 40% Caramel candy and 40% Cappuccino and 20% Whipped cream. This is one of my favorite coffee flavors. So, sweet and creamy. The caramel really stands out in this one. And the whip cream flavoring really tops this one off (no pun intended).


The next one, is very popular amongst the white girls wearing Uggs. You guessed it! Pumpkin spice latte. I’ve had only one of these drinks before and it was good. But I will not dare order it in public due the fact that it might threaten my masculinity. So, instead of sending my girlfriend out to go and get me one, I have Slims make it for me. I have them mix up 40% pumpkin spice and 50% cappuccino, and 10% whipped cream. That is what I used to do up until the point to where slims decided to make their own version of this. I was so happy that slims makes their own version of this. For some reason theirs tastes a lot better than mine. I thought mine was close but it seemed to miss the mark. Slims definitely nailed it. This is a very tasty vape. You get a taste of fall with every puff.


The next one that I have really fallen in love with is a new one this holiday season from the unmentioned coffee franchise. I’m talking about the Caramel Brulee’ Latte. What I do is I have Slims mix up 30% coffee, with 35% Crème’ Brulee’, and 35% Caramel candy. This is an awesome tasting drink and the vape is equal to the drink that costs $6.


Another holiday favorite that is a real crowd pleaser is the Gingerbread spice Latte. This is a vape that I always use around Christmas time. I have Slims mix up 40% Coffee 50% Gingerbread Cookie and 10% Whipped Cream. I don’t know how slims does it, but they seem to always be able to mix up the perfect blends. This juice does not disappoint! If you like gingerbread and associate it with the holiday like I do, well, this is like Christmas with every puff.


One my non holiday favorite drinks is the Salted Caramel Frappucino. Ever since I first tried this in the store I was in love! I had two initial reactions. My first being that this was a really good drink! My second thought was this would be really good as a vape to puff! So, I went to Slims custom build a flavor and I got to work. Or put them to work rather, lol. I had the blend 60% Salted Caramel candy with 40% Cappuccino. And I was so impressed when I got this in the mail and threw it in my vape. This flavor has become a normal for me.


This one is the White Chocolate mocha Latte. Now, this one is my girlfriend’s favorite drink. I particularly do not care for this one. But she absolutely loves it! So, I decided to see if slims could make a vape for us that would come close to her favorite drink. So, after a few trial and errors, we have found the perfectly blend for her. We have them mix up 60% White Chocolate and 40% Coffee. She swear by this vape. I swear by it because it helps me save an extra six bucks a cup by having to buy her coffee too.


The next one up that seems to be very popular this holiday season is the Peppermint mocha. Slims makes a perfect version of this drink. All you have to do is go to their custom build a flavor and have them mix up 60% Mocha Frappe and 40% Peppermint Candy. This nails it! It tastes so much like the drink, it’s crazy.


One of my favorite drinks that the unmentioned coffee shop they don’t offer anymore. Sadly I really miss this drink. But….. Here comes slims to the rescue!! I’m talking about the Smore’s Frappuccunio . Slims whips up a perfectly awesome blend of this drink. I have them mix up 70% Smore’s with 40% Cappuccino. This vape really helps to curb my craving of this tasty drink.  


The favorite drink of my girlfriend’s teenage daughter from the coffee shop is a chai tea latte. I tried it once and fell in love with it. So, I decided to have slims mix me up a batch for vaping. I had them combine their very delicious chai tea at 60% with a very tasty 40% of cappuccino. This flavor is dead on and a perfect wintery vape.


The Egg Nog Frappuccino is very popular amongst the consumers this year. The unmentioned coffee shop has made this one amongst their holiday favorites. I got very curious about this drink, ordered one and realized just how yummy this was. So, being the vaper that I am, I went to work at slims custom build a flavor to see if they could mix me up a batch of this tasty drink. I had them add 60% eggnog and 40% cappuccino, and I must say this is one very tasty vape to puff.


Don’t get me wrong. I find that slims has so many great tasting flavors that they offer. Slims have several great tasting flavors that I wouldn’t dare change and that I feel just simply can’t be improved upon. However, I can resist building great tasting custom flavors. I am so thankful that slims not only offer the flavors that they do, but I am also very grateful for them offering the custom build a flavor for us. Without slims I’m not sure that I would still be vaping. The variety and excitement of receiving new vape mail from slims is definitely a factor in what keeps me vaping. I also find it very exciting building custom flavors and seeing what new flavors I can come up with. I have so much fun mixing up new custom flavors. I encourage everyone to do the same. Get creative. Be bold, have some fun! Vaping for me is so much fun. I highly recommend that everyone do the same.

It’s really not hard coming up with new custom flavors. Slims makes it so easy with all the different flavors and add ins they offer. The possibilities are virtually endless. All these recipes that I offer are just flavors that I have had slims mix up for me. They are merely suggestions. I suggest you tweak them to your own liking and taste buds. Use my recipes as a guide line and I am sure you will come up with a flavor that you will love. Who knows? You might even discover a flavor that will become your new favorite flavor to vape. With slims custom build a flavor option the common vaper is only limited to their imagination. I have other vape juice websites that offer flavors that slims does not offer. So I go to their build a flavor option and have them build it for me. So many other websites juices are not only way more expensive than slims, they simply just do not offer the same quality of juice that slims offers. With the massive amount of flavors that they offer, not to mention the custom build a flavor option that they offer, slims has earned a customer for life through me.

Honestly, if slims ever decided to have a “Street Team”, I am sure that I would be one of the prime candidates to run it. Ok, so maybe not run it, but I would definitely be one of the first people to sign up for it. I can’t tell you how many people that I know that I have turned into slims customers for life. A lot of times I will simply say, where you get your juice? What kind of flavors do you like? Then I will proceed to give them my Slims pitch, tell them about all the wonderful flavors that slims offers, tell them about slims customization. And once I have them drawn in I share some of the recipes that I’ve had slims mix up for me, Share a puff of my vape with them, and the next thing I know they are ordering my recipes. I love Slims!!!

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