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Posted by admin 11/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

I have been "vaping" (I think I am a little too old for the cool kids term) for a little over four years. I first learned about this Smokeless Smoking walking by a kiosks at my local mall and was immediately drawn to the way to be able to smoke without killing myself in the process. For me I had learned that it wasn't so much the ciggarette but the emotional release that came with it....having a bad day, go have a cigarette, having a hard time using your "filter" with a co-worker, go have a cigarette...the list goes on and on. Don't get me wrong I was also addicted to the nicotine, but more so of the habit.

     I will admit the first three years of "Vaping"; I continued to also use cigarettes..... You ask why, well it wasn't that popular in my area, I felt like a blue hair old lady visiting the local dealer to get my stash..... I should mention I am ONLY 42 but those kiddos working the cash register treated me like I was sporting a walker with tennis ball anti-skids.....

It has gotten worse visiting the local vape store, I have slowly worked my way down to zero nicotine because like I said earlier it is not so much the nicotine it is the habit/emotional release.

Talk about feeling unappreciated.....I was an AWESOME customer low-maintenance, go in-get out once a month....recommended them to many many people etc. and I will mention a customer for three years;      I was with them at the beginning when they were a kiosk at the mall and then went big with a chain of local stores. I guess I could say with their success they turned like snobs with their cool kid vaping and I was the fat kid on the playground.

     Anyway...... Then I found Slims.... The angels parted-the fog lifted and I was accepted as a valued customer. Don't get me wrong the first time I ordered I was super nervous to cheat on my "local dealer" but heck you only live once. My first order wasn't what I had expected....but remember I had been using the same liquid for 4 years, it was like switching from Marlboros to Camels, so not the same. I emailed Jennifer asking questions and she was soooo helpful and said return the product and we will add what you want. My second order ..... I kinda wanted to drive to TN and give Slim a huge hug, or in my blue hair old lady way squeeze his cheeks and tell him what a wonderful boy he is!!

Slim has a customer for life-I will never cheat, I will never stray..... However; I will NEVER NEVER make the statement "I am vaping"!

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