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Posted by admin 14/01/2016 2 Comment(s)

Hey whats going on guys, Im here today writing another blog about my favorite online vape shop, Slims E juice! Ill be going over some flavors that Ive come across to be tasty and amazing, we are gonna review 5 different and unique flavors me and my buddys found to like,but first let me tell you about myself.Ive started vaping over 6 months ago because I was addicted to smoking, Doctor said I should quit for the better of my health, after a bad withdrawal one of my friends recommended vaping as an alternative. It has completely changed my life for the better, I vape on a 50 watt box mod and an RDA, long story short I was tired of paying outrageous prices for E juice and one of my buddys at my local vape shop recommended Slims E juice. I checked it out and found myself in heaven when I saw the prices and quality of there juices. No other sites could compare. NONE! so enough about me and lets hop into this juice review!


Black Demon - Ive always loved the energy drink Monster, Its flavor has always amazed me and I cant get enough of it, so it got me thinking, I wonder if theres a e juice for that? Well, there is! When my friend ordered this flavor I thought theres no way it could taste exactly like monster, It does and it is absolutely amazing. Its a cool relaxing vape that will but a stressful day to an end.


Unflavored E juice - No idea why my friend got this E juice, he said for a cloud competition but I dont understand why he would just get flavored, this juice pretty much speaks for itself, Its flavorless and helps you focus more on making those clouds. If you needed unflavored e juice, Its available at Slims.


The Templar - This E juice is a sweet blend of strawberry and Fig, trying this juice at first it was an overwhelming sweet flavor, after letting it breath and steep for about 2 weeks it was perfect, a extra sweet strawberry flavor, these two blend very well.


Snakes Blood - This is one of my favorites, Its a blend of pear and coconut If I remember, it blends together great and at first tasted like gummy bears, not quite sure why but after steeping the flavors blended together and came out right, I highly recommend this e juice.


Senile - Got this one as a sample, Its a blend of nectarine, raspberry and watermelon, the watermelon over powers both flavors a lot, but leaves a raspberry lingering at the end of it, this flavor is great if you let it steep and blend more, my stepbrother loved this flavor and ordered more of it and is currently vaping it right now.

This is currently the 3rd blog Ive written about Slims E Juice, Me and my friends absolutely love there juice and I absolutely love writing and reviewing there flavors, Hopefully this has given you more ideas towards what you want and If you feel like you love writing and reviewing flavors WRITE A BLOG, Slims greatly appreciates it and even rewards you for doing it. I just think thats awesome, again thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog and expect more to come!

2 Comment(s)

Patty Browning:
30/10/2017, 08:58:54 PM

I have such a hard time finding a e-juice that has good flavor and unfortunately I like the sweet cream flavors. I emailed questions and the responded quickly and asked me questions and then made suggestions on what to order. I ordered a tester and got it real quick and love it. I will buy all my juice from these guys and highly recommend the!,

24/02/2018, 10:53:41 AM

I have been a Slims customer for over a year. YOU CANNOT BEAT THEIR PRICES and Quality of the juice is wonderful. With their GREAT PRICE I buy 3 to 4 months of ejuice at a time and the last bottle is just as fresh as the first. JUST GIVE EM A TRY....

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