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Posted by admin 14/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

Recently I won a juice giveaway through You-Tube. So I got to try a bunch of name brand juices that charge premium prices for their liquids. Let me assure all of you none of them had anything on Slims. What I have noticed is there are obvious favorites that everyone is trying to clone these days. One is Strawberry Milk. I have tried quite a few. My number one favorite is Slims Unicorn Milk. Main reason is because the strawberry is not overdone, and you can taste the other flavors. There is a great graham cracker flavor that comes through with Slims Unicorn Milk, as well as the Cheesecake flavor. Strawberry is there in just the right intensity, not overpowering, like other strawberry Milk flavors I have tried.

I also tried some Peanut butter flavors from Some Expensive juice companies. They were all tasteless compared to Slims Peanut butter Cup. It really tastes like the candy. Not heavy on the chocolate flavor but just enough to set off the peanut butter. I have never had another Peanut Butter Juice that could compare to it.
Next I tried several companies take on Salted Caramel. That is a hands down unfair fight in Slims favor. Nothing can compare to the perfect inhale of salty goodness with Slims salted caramel, followed by the perfect exhale of sweet caramel heaven. All the other salted caramel flavors I tried either lacked the salty flavor I craved. Or added a coffee flavor to their juice, which I felt did not enhance the flavor at all. Slims Salted Caramel is my all time favorite flavor and I keep a bottle on hand at all times and mix it with lots of other flavors with great effect. It goes great with Vanilla Custard especially!

Slims Cotton Candy juice is perfection. It truly reminds you of the taste of Cotton Candy you would get at the fair or the Circus. I feel like an expert on this flavor as its been a long standing mission of mine to find the perfect Cotton Candy and I have tried so many brands. Some tasted merely like Sugar, some tasted so so, while others tasted like Dirty Feet, but nothing and I mean nothing came close to that perfect Cotton Candy flavor that Slims gave me, its simply the best!!!!

My next expertise would be in Vanilla Cupcake flavors. I have tried them all from so many companies. Slims is again the best Vanilla in Town. One thing I can say about all of Slims flavors is what you smell is what you get. That is not always the case with other companies. The smell test is important and its the only thing you can do to get an idea of what something is going to taste like if you cant taste it. Vanilla Cupcake is sweet light and flavorful. Its great right out of the mailbox, but even better if you let it steep awhile. I also recently tried Yellow Cake which was similar but very tasty on its own as well. I recommend them both. 

Bottom Line for me is there is no reason to look any further I have found my perfect juice and its SLIMS!!!!!! I look forward to discovering even more amazing flavors from his store. I just ordered the Fountain of Youth Cloud Juice and I can't wait for that to arrive!

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