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The past five to six years have seen a dynamic shift from cigarettes to E-cigarettes amongst smokers. There are numerous smokers who prefer smoking Ecigs rather than the normal tobacco cigarettes. 


What are ECigs?

     Ecigs refers to electronic cigarettes that are also known as e-cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and personal vaporizer (PV). They are devices that run on batteries and give you the same pleasure as a tobacco cigarette without making use of tobacco and nicotine.


     Ecigs make use of Ejuice, which is a liquid solution added in the atomizer of the device. The atomizer vaporizes that solution producing vapors that the smoker inhales and gets pleasure from. Some Ejuice contain an amalgamation of different flavors along with nicotine, whereas other solutions contain flavored vapors without the hazardous nicotine.


     Electronic cigarettes were first created by Herbet A. Gilbert during 1963 after which many companies started producing this device. You will now come across numerous websites that sell Ecigs and produce their own Ejuice as well. Moreover, you will find hundreds of delicious and different flavors of Ejuice as well. One of the famous and well established companies producing Ejuice is Slims Ejuice. It is popular for manufacturing Ejuice in diverse and exciting flavors.


A Better Insight into Ejuice

     Ejuice, just like Slims Ejuice, consists of a flavoring which is quite similar to the flavoring used in different desserts and foods. Moreover, it contains food-grade PG (Propylene Glycol) or Vegetable Glycerin, which are also known as humectants and are used in a number of toiletries and foods that we consume in our daily routine.


     Some manufacturers add some amount of nicotine to Ejuice, but most of the companies refrain from using nicotine in Ejuice because of the harmful effects of nicotine. Ejuices are available in lots of yummy flavors, including chocolate, mint, strawberry, banana, cherry, coffee, cola, peach, apple and rose. Slims Ejuice consists of several new and fresh flavors that are seldom provided by other manufacturers, including Cuban cigars, green goblin, clove, rocky road, tiramisu, honeydew, papaya, root beer and macadamia nut.


     Ejuice is healthy, safe and very tasty, which is why people who want to quit smoking, but have difficulty in accomplishing this goal, often take the help of electronic cigarettes and Ejuice. Ecigs provide almost the same pleasure as tobacco cigarettes without harming the lungs and digestive system of your body.


Buying Ejuice Online

     With the availability of online stores, it has become extremely easy to purchase Ecigs and Ejuice. Generally, an electronic cigarette lasts for quite a long time as you don’t need to burn it and it runs on a battery. Depending on your usage, you can make an Ecig last for even several years. It’s the Ejuice that you need to purchase after every few days. That too depends on the number of times you smoke your electronic cigarette.


     If you smoke frequently, you might need to purchase a 50ml bottle of Ejuice after every 4-5 days. On the other hand, if you only smoke once or twice a day, a 50ml bottle of Slims Ejuice can last for a couple of weeks too.


     Ejuice bottles come in different sizes. Generally, four sizes are provided by most of the manufacturers, including Slims Ejuice. These comprise of 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 250ml. Moreover, the nicotine strength in different types of Ejuices varies as well. You can choose a strength from 0 to 36 depending on your nicotine intake.


     Besides that, you can also decide the PG/VG ratio and the amount of electronic caffeine you want in your Ejuice. Before doing all of that, you will have to select a flavor of Ejuice. When shopping from Slims Ejuice, you have a lot of options to choose from. All of their flavors are really nice and you can also add additional flavors to your Ejuice. For instance, you can add heavy flour, sour, sweet cream, menthol, smooth and sweetener to your Ejuice.


     While buying an Ejuice online, do make sure that you are purchasing a good quality Ejuice at an affordable price. This can be done by carrying out a comparison of different electronic juices available from different manufacturers. Slims Ejuice is one of the most economical manufacturers of fine quality Ejuice.

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