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Choosing the appropriate nicotine level in e-juice is an extremely important decision. Nicotine levels generally range from zero to twenty-four milligrams, however some companies offer even higher levels of nicotine to suit their customers. Most often extremely heavy smokers that smoke two packs a day or more should start their vaping journey at twenty-four milligrams of nicotine or even higher. Moderate smokers that smoke around a pack a day should start with around ten to twelve milligrams of nicotine. Light smokers who smoke less than one pack of cigarettes a day should try to start their level around six to eight milligrams of nicotine. However, nicotine levels in e-juice also impact a juice's flavor and throat hit. Generally, in most juices, the higher the level of nicotine the harder the juice hits the back of the smoker's throat, which is called a throat hit.


The throat hit can be enjoyable as long as it is not too harsh. In cases where the throat hit is too harsh, it can cause a choking effect or even cause the smoker to have a sore throat several days after the experience. Flavor is also impacted by nicotine because even though nicotine does not have much of a flavor it is still a chemical which can react with the other ingredients in the juice. The more nicotine, the more there is a potential for the juice's flavor to be distorted from what the manufacturer intended the juice to taste like. Drip tips, otherwise known as drippers, are used to enhance the taste of juice and uncover hidden flavors that regular tanks just don't have the ability to find. For those very same reasons, it is recommended that a juice with six milligrams or less nicotine is used. Most long time vape junkies prefer to even go as low as zero when they use drippers. Most consumers who use vapor products have a long-term goal to eliminate smoking cigarettes and find a cleaner, cheaper, healthier substitute for smoking ciggarettes. Therefore, the lower the level of nicotine the better in most cases! However, extreme decreases in the amount of nicotine that a body ingests can cause side effects such as headaches, restless leg syndrome, mood swings and many more unpleasant effects. It is very important to find the ideal nicotine level for each individual because just like having too much nicotine can be troublesome so can not having enough. That being said it is important to remember that every person is unique in their genetic makeup so nicotine will have a slightly different effect on everyone. Still, it is best to start with a nicotine level that is recommended and gradually reduce the level as time goes on. People should always pay attention to their body and the signs that it gives them. It is always an option to return to the previously used nicotine level if signs of withdrawal are present. This should be a fun journey and should make life easier so take your time and choose wisely.


Written by: Meghann Stubbs

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