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If you’ve been vaping a while now, I am sure you would have come across terms like mechanical mod (or mech mod), electrical mod, unregulated mod and regulated mod. In this article, I will attempt to explain what these are so you are better educated on the subject.


As always, please keep in mind that you are dealing with quite powerful batteries, heat etc so make sure you do all the research there is to it before experimenting, for your safety and the safety of others around you.


For the sake of making things clear, a mod is a personal vaporizer. I call my full setup a mod. Others may refer to mod as the part (tube or box) which holds the battery inside it (a personal vaporizer without the atomizer attached). For the purpose of this article, I will be referring to the tube/box that holds the battery of your personal vaporizer as the mod. With that out of the way, lets get started.


Lets start with electrical mods. In essence, this is a regulated mod, meaning there is electrical circuitry inside this mod. What this circuitry does is regulate the electricity coming off the battery. By regulating meaning, it will allow the user to manipulate the raw electricity out of the battery according to adjustments set by the user. For instance, a fully charged 4.2v battery can be made to deliver 5.0v, using this circuitry (boost). It might also allow the user to set the settings to deliver only 3.5v (step-down) on the same battery. Most electrical mods today allow the user the ability to change the power output settings (wattage) which allow the user to maintain a consistent vape, regardless the resistance of the atomizer attached to the device.


Apart from the ability to change the voltage/power, there are many built in features that come with it. Many nowadays will have a LCD display and separate adjustment buttons. So, when you press that fire button to have a vape, you know exactly what voltage is being sent to your atomizer, your battery life, wattage and even puff counters. These features will vary from mod to mod, but generally this is the case with most popular ones on the market at this time.


More than that, there is a good number of safety features built into this circuitry. The more common ones are: low resistance protection, reverse battery protection, short circuit protection and battery over discharge protection. These features prevent any damage to the mod, your battery and your atomizer and most importantly, keeps you safe.


But the best feature of an electrical mod is the ability to deliver a constant power/voltage to your atomizer, provided the battery is not fully drained. This means that, for example, if your battery has only 3.8v left on it, the circuitry inside the mod will enable it to deliver 4.5v to your atomizer, if you had set it to deliver that voltage/wattage. In essence, an electrical mod has the ability to regulate power/voltage, regardless of the remaining battery life.


If you are currently using an eGo battey, chances are that its an electrical mod as the circuitry inside it will maintain a fixed discharge voltage of around 3.7v, until the battery fully runs out (usually the circuitry will prevent the battery going below 3.2v to prevent damage to the battery itself – a safety feature called battery over discharge protection). However, an eGo battery mod is not really a mod per say, but rather an eGo itself, as the community refers to it.


Now that electrical mods are out of the way, lets look at mechanical mods. Imagine a mod, without all the above features. No circuitry, no display and no protection. That’s right! Well, a mechanical mod is just that. Its usually a tube (or box types), with a firing switch at one end (usually at the end, but some have the switch on the side of the body itself) and a connector on the other end to mount your atomizer.


So, why mechanical mods? Who in their right mind would go for such a thing? The answer is simplicity. How mechanical mods work is simple. The electricity from your battery is transferred to your atomizer via the body of the mod itself, when the fire switch is pressed. There are very few parts that make up a mechanical mod and therefore, it is easier to maintain and would last you a lifetime (unless you decide to drop it from a tall building and run it over with a truck). So, who actually would use mechanical mods? It should ideally be vapers who know EXACTLY what they are doing! This is where research and education comes into play.


Remember, mechanical mods do not have any circuitry in it, so there goes all your protection features. This means that all safety precautions will be in your hands and mind. Making sure you are using the appropriate batteries, making sure there are no shorts, making sure you don’t over discharge your batteries is all your responsibility. Failing to take care of these can be very dangerous to you and others around you.


It is true, the risks of using mechanical mods are much greater than using electrical mods. So, why go for it? In my opinion, mechanical mods are much better looking from the 2 types (smaller and much sleek). There are some with great switches and great body work (engraving, wraps etc). Most of all mechanical mods have no restrictions on what resistance of coils it can fire (most electrical mods have a minimum resistance of around 0.4-0.5ohms). This means that they are great for sub-ohm vaping and even super sub-ohm vaping. Also, keep in mind that all parts are mechanical, so the chance of failure of a component is very low on a mechanical mod.


I am not going to say one is better than the other, that’s for you to decide after using both. I contemplated for many days and weeks before I pulled the trigger on a mechanical mod clone. In the process, I learnt a lot about safety and proper care when using mechanical mods. I do however, don’t recommend going for a mechanical mod as your first real mod as there is much you would need to know surrounding the proper use and care for one. If you’re looking for a reliable electrical mod (upgrading from an eGo battery maybe) try and get hold of an authentic Evolv DNA 30 or 40 powered mod as your first real mod. Once you have gained experience, knowledge and confidence using devices, then would be the ideal time to go for a mechanical mod.

Hope you found something useful in this article, and as always stay safe and happy vaping!

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