Mechanical Mods: What Are They and Who Needs Them?

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Mechanical Mods - or as they also like to call them, mechanical VP’s – are complete vaporizing devices that usually come without any kind of custom batteries or other common protection that otherwise would be present in regular electronic cigarette devices. In the case of these mechanical mods, the vent holes are usually already drilled, but the batteries have to be inserted separately. these often customizable devices almost exclusively work with a “spring loaded” system, which means the device holds magnetic mechanical switches, which the mods also got their name from.


     Another thing that separates these particular devices from the regular ones is the fact that they can thank their entire (natural) voltage output to the battery while using mostly low resistance vaporizers that can be rebuilt. In simpler terms, while regular devices come with a variable voltage output, these devices do not.


     Most e-cigarette device comes with some kind of battery protection built in, which means they won’t accept sub ohm resistance and therefore cannot be activated under such vaporizer resistances. Mechanical mods, however, do not work the same way and that is one of the reasons why they aren’t necessarily recommended to people who don’t have experience with various e-cigarette devices, especially the ones that can be customized. Since these devices aren’t regulated, taking care of them is solely the user’s responsibility.


Introduction to Mechanical Mods


     Even if someone decides that they have the necessary knowledge and experience that is absolutely essential to the use and maintain of these devices, choosing the right one can still turn into a rather difficult task. Mechanical mods are basically vaporizers that were reduced to their most basic form, while maintaining their performance, and allowing the users to try different modifications, and play a little with the performance output. The biggest difference between regular and mechanical devices is that the latter’s goal is to deliver the power directly to the vaporizing tank, without any in-built protection that could bring down the voltage.


     They come with a firing unit which is basically the bottom cap, and that cap is almost always functions as a button as well, containing the spring, the magnets, a locking ring, and also a contact pin that’s made from some kind of metal. The top part of the modification is where the magic usually happens, in the form of vaporizing the e-liquid. There are of course different and even unique custom built mechanical mods, but generally those are the components, with the above mentioned assumed positions within the device.


     The metal pin has an important task, when it makes contact with the battery - or more precisely with the positive end of that battery – it will instantly start the vaporizing unit inside. The reason why these modifications are popular is because they don’t have a cap in terms of power and functionality. Of course thanks to this, they are also more prone to break down as well, mostly because they don’t have a system in place that could otherwise prevent a possible short-circuiting, or other mechanical problems. Those systems are present in regular e-cigarette devices, which is why they are recommended to those who are new to the vapor scene.


     So again, mechanical mods come without this additional circuitry system, but that also allows the system to take the necessary power directly from the battery, which – once again – can result in improved function and performance, while also making it possible for the device to use a resistance that is always based on the battery, and the battery alone. This could not happen with a regular device that often limits the power outage from safety reasons that were either needed or not.


     If somebody wants to custom build (or customize) a mechanical mod, the first thing they have to get is a multi-meter. these devices are very affordable, and they will allow those mechanical enthusiasts to always monitor the resistance of the vaporizer while also keeping an eye on the voltage of the batteries. Some multi-meters won’t be as accurate as others, so before the purchase it is a good idea to read some reviews, or at least ask for some opinions.


     Even more caution is recommended when it comes to the batteries. The only part of these devices that can be even remotely dangerous is the battery. Although it is very rare for a battery to explode, it has happened on occasions. In an ideal situation, batteries are definitely not the components where we would want to save a few bucks. The unprotected lithium ion batteries (that use lithium cobalt oxide) has a tendency to overheat even during low resistance, so it’s best to stay away of those if possible.


     With some basic calculations, anybody can figure out the same resistance, and once they have done that, building specific coils becomes that much easier. If somebody doesn’t really want to put several hours into something they’re not even sure they’re capable of, here is a little help for the math part.


     The resistance can be calculated with the help of a simple physics formula, I=V/R, which means that the electric current can be calculated by dividing the voltage with the resistance (volts/ohm). Let’s look at an actual example. Let’s say we have a 18350, eFest type battery. Although they say that batteries run at 3,7V, in reality, after they’ve been fully charged, they’re closer to 4,2V, so we’ll use that in the example.


     We know that I=V/R, so we also know that R can be calculated by dividing V with I. Therefore, R=4,2V/6,4 amps will result in a resistance of 0,66 ohms.


     For those who don’t really feel like calculating resistance levels and/or custom building their own device, but they still want a mechanical mod, buying a safe and proven one is always an option. these mods come in various sizes and shapes, some even has a telescopic ability, which can allow the users to adjust to different battery sizes with a simple motion. Either way, mechanical mods can be tricky, but for the adventurous vapors, they can well worth it.

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