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Posted by admin 12/01/2016 0 Comment(s)
Right now my setup is the nemesis and kraken clones I blow clouds like a steam engine and slims ejuice tastes amazing and with the vg/pg ajustments the clouds and the flavor is no comparison out there.
Quality. What can I say? For the Chinese clones at fastech, the quality of these things are freakin incredible. I can’t see any possible reason other than pride that you would want to spend $200 for a real Nemesis and $100 for the kraken when the quality of these are so good. They are built like tanks, all the threads are great, it has silver plated contacts, and a stainless steel body that isn’t going to tarnish. If you’re concerned about durability, this is absolutely the way to go.
Performance. This mod easily works great with my kraken clone. In fact, I like it quite a bit better. I don’t even use my other mods because Nemesis and kraken work so much better and doesnt tarnish. It’s a total no brainer. Hits super hard, produces great vapor, won’t break on you.

Ease of Use. If there was one downside it would be ease of use I switched out the spring for magnets. I mean overall, it is pretty simple to use, but it is definitely more complicated than some other mods out there. If you’re willing to take 20 minutes to sit down,unscrew everything and learn where it’s supposed to go and how it screws back in, you will pretty much be in 

  I have came to the conclusion that this is an extremely solid mod, and the small concessions in appearance are nothing in comparison to the incredible overall quality and performance you get out of it. Plus appearance is subjective anyway and there are probably a lot of people who would think I was crazy for cloud casing but its amazing.

So yeah, if you could only own ONE mod setup, this would probably be the way to go I spent $40 I already had batteries. There are just no two ways about it. I like my lava tube but the limitations of it don’t really affect me. The Nemesis really has no limitations at all. If you want the closest possible clone to a real live $200+ mod, this is the one. It is spot on in basically every single category.

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