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We all know that E-Juice is made of two main components: PG and VG. On top of this, flavors are added and combined giving each E-Juice its own unique flavor. Nicotine is also added in, based on the required strength.When I started vaping, I only knew that more PG accounts for more flavor and always went with the tried and true 70PG/30VG blend. It worked most of the time, but I wished at times my vape was less harsher, smoother, more volumetric etc etc.In order for you to have a satisfactory vaping experience, you should select an appropriate blend. This ensures that the atomizer you are using works at its best and thus provides you a good vape. The purpose of this article is to educate you on how/why different blends suite different atomizers and therefore, eliminating a bit of the guess work involved in selecting the right blend.The below sections provides a breakdown of common atomizer types and the ideal juice blends, based on my experience.


If you mainly use single or dual coil bottom coil clearomizers, use thinner juices. Ideally, juices with more PG, preferably above 50% PG.The reason is that these atomizers are not the best when it comes to flavor and nicotine delivery. Getting a blend with higher PG content definitely helps with better flavor production.This is the same when it comes to nicotine. Lesser nicotine in your blend might feel like even lesser on these type of clearomizers. If you are unsure, and you prefer a strong throat hit, start out at 18mg.Another import thing to keep in mind is that these type of clearomizers are poor at wicking, so the thicker the juice the harder it is to wick. When wicking gets slow, you will experience the mighty dry hit, which happens when your coil burns the wick (as the thick juice takes its time to be absorbed by the wick)Slims standard blend of 60PG/40VG is fine for these clearomizers. This blend should satisfy most of you with plenty flavor and vapor production.


Rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA)
These types of tanks are usually ages better in terms of flavor/vapor production and exceptionally better at nicotine delivery. By this I'm referring to tanks such as the Kayfuns, Taifuns, Foggers etc.This is because of the way they are engineered. They have dedicated evaporation chambers which condenses all the flavor/vapor/nicotine in this chamber, resulting in a very good vape experience.However, more vapor/flavor comes at the cost of more juice. They run through a bottle of juice much faster than a normal clearomizer. Therefore, its best to go with an even blend (50PG/50VG) or Slims standard blend. These tanks wick pretty well, so keeping an even blend would be ideal. Just dont go too thin with it (90PG or 100PG) or it will be an uncomfortable vape. Though these tank systems wick better than clearomizers, their not that good with thicker juices, so dont go too thick also (80VG or higher).Sure you can use thicker juice in these tanks, but the chances of getting a dry hit due to slow wicking is high, specially if you take a couple of drags in a short period of time.Its a very different case when it comes to nicotine. These tanks are really good with delivering nicotine, so cut it down about 30%-50% strength of your usual nicotine. I vaped 18mg with my Evod, but had to get juice with 10mg for my Kayfun as it was just way too harsh. If your going quite high with the PG, like maybe 80% or 70%, bring the nicotine down a bit more as a higher amount of PG makes for an uncomfortable vape from most rebuildable tank systems.


Sub-ohm tanks
This is the craze now a days in the vape scene. These tanks have huge air flow and can produce huge clouds and flavor.These sub-ohm tanks are meant to be vaped direct to lung, as opposed to the above 2 types, where you would take a hit into your mouth, then the lungs.For these type of tanks, I would highly recommend a high VG juice with low nicotine. This is because the high VG content makes the vape a lot more smoother and allows one to make huge clouds of vapor. The nicotine should be low as you will be inhaling direct to your lungs, making the nicotine delivery much efficient.Higher PG and nicotine will make it a lot less comfortable of a vape because of the way you inhale with these tanks.Slims high VG or max VG options are excellent for these tanks. Keep the nicotine at about 6-8mg for a comfortable vape. Even Slims Cloud juice would be excellent on sub-ohm tanks.

These atomizers are very similar to sub-ohm tank types, except for the lack of a tank to hold your juice.They have massive airflow and so the inhale is direct to lung. These little things produce lots of clouds, excellent flavor and deliver a lot of nicotine efficiently all thanks to their small evaporation chambers and big air flow.Go with the same type of juice you would use for a sub-ohm tank, a combination of high VG and low nicotine.Slims Cloud juice is an excellent line of juice specially made for dripping. This juice is almost 100VG.One thing to keep in mind with high VG juice is that they take time for the flavor to actually pop. This is because the lack of much PG makes the mixing and bonding of flavor with VG a bit more time extensive (though Slims actually does all the steeping at production for Cloud juice). So once you get your high VG juice, give it a few days to steep to get the best out of it. It will be totally worth it!


So there it is, a quick and dirty guide to choose an appropriate blend for your atomizer.Again, this is my personal experience on the whole situation and like many aspects in vaping, it will subjective. But I sincerely hope that this article will serve as a guide to making a more educated guess as to which type of blend would suit you and your atomizers.


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