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Hello everyone! The time has come, and do you know what time that is? It is time for a review of some delicious juices I had the pleasure of tasting for myself from Slims. I will go over a few juices that I really enjoyed and hopefully provide some insight for all of you out there pondering what juice to buy. This is all personal opinion of course, as to how I rank them, because everyone has a different taste. I will however give some key points for each juice that really stood out to me. Please enjoy this adventure as we vape through some juices from Slims.

#1 Doctor Whom
First and foremost, we have a very unique juice that, for me, makes a statement among all the other juices I have tried. Behold the Doctor Whom juice. This here juice is a bold mix of toasted almond and cola. I know what you're are thinking What?? This was the exact thought that went through my head as I read the description. And that built such a curiosity inside of me that was burning for me to have it. I awaited its arrival with baited breath just wondering how this combination was going taste. And then it came. I hit the first drip and BOOM! The flavor was just as bold as the description made it sound. The first flavor I encountered was the cola. It was like a fresh drink on a hot day. But the thing that made this juice so dynamic was the after taste. It hits hard with cola and slowly finishes with a smooth almond that makes you want to vape some more. Now I have a favorite juice to vape while watching my favorite television show. For anyone looking to vape something that is as distinguished as you, this is the juice for you. Other people will smell it and their curiosity will probably drive them to want to try it. On a side note, this juice should be the perfect icebreaker for those social gatherings you might find yourself in. I implore you to try it out, you will not be disappointed.


#2 Crunchy Captain
Next we have a great juice that goes by the name of Crunchy Captain. Does anyone remember waking up on a Saturday morning, flipping on your cartoons and pouring yourself a bowl of your favorite peanut butter cereal? I sure do. I still do that from time to time. This beautiful memory comes back to me every time I vape this juice. You take the first drip and those memories come pouring in. That delicious smell of peanut butter resting in a sweetened bowl of milk. One thing that I have noticed about the flavor is that it is consistent from start to finish. Plus, it leaves a great after taste in your mouth after you vape it. One thing that crossed my mind, and this very well could just be me, is that I tasted chocolate. Just a slight amount. So my experience with this juice was like a peanut butter chocolate candy cereal, with more emphasis on the peanut butter. Slims did an excellent job on this juice and is definitely one I go to regularly for a great vape. Please check it out for yourselves, because if your experience was anything like mine, you will always find room in your pocket for some Crunchy Captain.

#3 Orange Dream Bar
Next on my list will literally suck you away from reality and pin you right down on the beach under an umbrella, and passing out as the island breeze steals you away into a dream. Okay, not literally, but for me this juice had me vividly thinking about it. May I introduce you to the Orange Dream Bar. Now, where do I begin with this flavor? First we have the obvious orange flavor that hits right out the gate. It is even the first thing that you smell when you take it out of the package. When you take your first hit, the orange sweeps you away and then the smooth vanilla cream comes running in right after it. What more could anyone ask for? Seriously, this juice relaxes me. I especially recommend this juice for those hot summer days to make you feel like everything is going to be alright. Slims did an excellent job on matching this flavor to the name and I was surely not disappointed. This juice mixes well with other flavors and, what I mean by that, is that you can vape this juice and then use another juice right after you’re done with the orange dream bar and the flavor wont mess up any other flavors you want to try. Anyone looking for something smooth and fruity, I recommend this juice to you.

#4 Rainbow Fruit Candy
Next on this flavor journey is one of my favorites. Rainbow Fruit Candy! Oh yea! This juice is so much fun. It is like a flavor party on your taste buds. You have all the flavors of your favorite fruit candy wrapped all into one. Remember doing that as a child? Or even as an adult? And then your mouth turns all these different colors and you’re left with a smile plastered on your face. This juice does not change the color of your mouth, but it is definitely the same flavor I remember as a child. I love how these juices have the ability to actually make me remember my childhood experiences. This juice has a very fruity hit from beginning to end. One thing that I will note is that this juice has a strong lime candy flavor. The lime is very apparent in the taste and the smell. For me, this is a benefit. I love lime candy and how it is infused with so many other fruit candy flavors. I like to imagine myself on a beach in Mexico relaxing with a beer and vaping Rainbow Fruit Candy. I definitely recommend this flavor for anyone looking for a massive fruit candy flavor explosion, because with this juice that is what you will get.

#5 Black Demon
Now, for me, I have saved the best for last. This juice is called Black Demon. Why would I single this one out to be more special than all the other juices I tried? Because for me this one hits it out of the park and out of the world. It is the simple fact that this juice is so smooth it leaves you satisfied after every hit. And it tastes like my favorite energy drink. It is sweet, but not too sweet. They really pinned the flavor of Monster energy drink. This is a juice that will turn heads wherever you vape and will leave you with a smile on your face. This thing that I personally enjoy is the fact that it is smooth and bold throughout the whole hit. It has such a sweet flavor that feels confident. This juice is my personal go-to juice for any occasion for the simple fact that it goes with everything. For any of you out there that enjoy vaping with a glass of wine, this juice pairs nicely. In fact, I have noticed it even when I drink my scotch. Your drink of choice will really bring out the fruit flavors in this juice and will help you relax after a stressful day.

#6 Loch Ness
No, this juice does not contain a lake monster (that I'm aware of). It does however contain a delicious mix of Black Demon and sour apple. That’s right! Imagine having the same reaction described above with a crazy sour apple flavor being thrown into the party on your taste buds. This one for me is smooth. I love sour apple and there is just the right amount of it in this mix to only make it more incredible than without. This one, for me, curbs my sweet tooth. Plus it leaves a great taste in your mouth after the vape. If you want to vape up a room, I definitely recommend using Loch Ness to make everyone in the room feel welcome and right at home. Someday I wish to stand on the shore of Loch Ness, Vape a monster cloud of this juice into the misty skies of Scotland, and give a big American salute to the elusive Loch Ness monster. This is seriously what I think about every time I vape this juice... I recommend this for anyone, especially those who love Black demon. It never hurts to sour things up every now and again.

And there you have it, folks. These are all the juices I had the pleasure of trying myself. OF course, this review was wrapped up in personal opinions, however, I hope that you find it useful in that you know how one person reacted to these unique flavors. For anyone worried about getting a juice and absolutely hating it, I must add that I have yet to try a juice that I did not like from Slims. They do a great job of pairing the juice flavor with the name so I was never dissatisfied with my purchases. I recommend starting with the Rainbow Fruit Candy just like I did and see for yourself. You will find that happiness is just a vape away.

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