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My Name is Ron (Ronald), I am currently 28 years old, and if you were wondering why it says titled "I'm still here", let me tell you why. I had started out smoking at the age of 17, Marlboro Reds brought forth from my brother after school. One cigarette a day after school, then led to two cigarettes, one in the morning before school then one thereafter. By the time i had hit 18 was was a pack a day smoker, and i loved it. My mother and brother had smoked as well so my mother had begged me not to but advising me not to would entitle her to be a hypocrite. Well leading up into my years I had went from a pack to pack and a half a day. I honestly at the time loved it! Smoking after any activity was so satisfying to me, any smoker would agree either it be after a meal, waking up, before bed, or other activities. Well, in 2011 i had my first case of Pneumonia, having sleep apnea not helping matters. Went to the doctor and they had said, the smoking is making things worse and had strongly advised me to quit. But being stubborn, I had retaliated to his words because I loved it. The smooth inhale with nicotine calming my every nerve, every problem remedied with a cigarette it felt like. All my friends smoked as well so stopping didn't really seem like an option, I continued.

     In 2012, i got Pneumonia again it had gotten worse this time. Went to the hospital and they had admitted me, I don't like hospitals at all. Well the doctor was the same and asked if were still smoking and of course my answer wasn't to his liking and told me i was getting worse. Spent 2 days in the hospital because my oxygen level wasn't well enough to leave yet. To me, it was prison and like an idiot all i was doing was craving a cigarette, the very thing that had a part of me being here. Well had too much of the hospital and figured i felt well enough to check myself out and i did! Had my best friend pick me up and went to his house, even walking to his car I was still having a terrible time breathing. Walked into the house and pulled out my cigarettes and tried to smoke. Couldn't do it and i couldn't breathe. Back to the hospital i went, grasping for every breathe for every step i took. Spend another 2 days at the hospital and then was released.. Smoking Again after 2 days out.

     Last Year, 2013, in august I thought i had gotten a cold due to change of weather. Thought i could perhaps duke it out with some cough syrup, perhaps some cough drops and Ben-gay on my back. It got worse by the days went by, but I told myself i could fight this. On August 17th, after about 6 days of now evolving to not being able to take 3 steps without gasping for air I had went to an auction with my parents and girlfriend to look at new furniture for my new upcoming apartment. Had bought a very nice couch and chair to accompany my new apartment. My parents seen my condition and after them seeing my ability to not walk or anything without gasping, they immediately told me to go to the hospital now. My parents had took my furniture to their house and were to pick up some KFC and wait while I went to go get checked out out first. Thinking they'll give me some medicine. My parents were bound for home and my girlfriend and I to the hospital. When I got to the hospital to the ER the nurse immediately knew i couldn't breathe. The nurse quickly brought me into her room and I told her i sometimes get Pneumonia and she put some device on me to check my oxygen levels and looked at me so worried/frightened, and I said "where you going". She left and quickly came back and took me into one of the bigger rooms and had me set on a bed (which was a task) and asked if i were dizzy, maybe perhaps seeing stars. Nope, she said because your oxygen level is at 28. I didn't know what that meant, It suppose to be above 98 she said. She left to go get the doctor and I passed out. Waking up 11 hours later with 5 nurses beside me, my girlfriend crying, and one of the nurses quickly said your oxygen is too low Ron, We have to put you to sleep now! Being with severe sleep Apnea, I knew if they would put me under, it felt like this was the end of the road. I repeatedly told them please no while i cried out... I was so scared. They said, "If we don't put you under Ron you will die". Everything went a blur, Destiny, my girlfriend, said your mom is on the phone and she will be up here soon. While crying, telling them to do it and telling Destiny to tell my parents i love them and her as well, I was out.....

     I woke up 2 days later with a vent down my throat to breathe for me. I seen my parents and all my family there. I couldn't speak, just was so happy to be alive! After 2 hours of being coherent, they had took the tube out of my throat. I wasn't anywhere close to fully operational and when then doctor came in and said "Ron, if you keep smoking after today and this happens again... it'll kill you". The doctor telling me i shouldn't be alive right now was it! Live or die, thats easy! After 3 days of needles to measure the oxygen levels, antibiotics, and learning to walk again, because it was a total of now almost 5 days in a bed. All the medication totaled to 470$ after getting out! and I haven't been to work and neither had my girlfriend. We were broke moving into a new apartment. I was shaky because i needed to have my hands doing something at all times and wanted nicotine but not going to die over it. Finally was at 100% after 2 weeks after getting out, so rough. Being so hard because this craving wasn't going away and I didn't know if it was me or what, but i felt like I was having headaches. I needed something....

    In October 2013, I had walked outside on my lunch break because thats what I usually did, smoked. But I didn't smoke, Just to get outside to get some air. Wouldn't walk by the designated smoking area because I didn't need a push. So as i was walking I had seen somebody smoking on the side of the building and said if they catch you smoking here you will get in trouble. The woman replied, I'm not smoking.. I'm vaping! What!? Walked closer, I replied "Vaping?". She said yes, The love of smoking but not bad for you and has really good taste. Impossible, she was smoking out of something metal with plastic on the top. She had explained herself and she had a small pen like battery with a tank, immediately asking to try. I smoked it and instantly "IN LOVE". The 18mg of Nicotine hit me and i was like "ahhhhhh", went home to do research, noticing the tank i would have to consistently replace and juices. Saved my money and after a month and a half I had got a blister kit from the gas station. It was cheap but still catching up on bills at the time. Well I used it for months but had to slow down because the liquid at the gas station was 6.99 for a 7ml bottle. I wanted to constantly Smoke this thing! I loved it. 
In February i had got my taxes back and did my research on hardware and got the MVP 2.0 (variable voltage device) with a tank and i love it! It was 100 times what my ego battery was, but the liquid was getting pricey because with my new MVP, I was able to kick up the power making the amount of liquid being used was more than i could afford.


     A Month ago in early march i had googled E-Liquids and came across a site called Slims E-Juice. While checking out all the flavors i was amazed, but the pricing was what i was looking for. I needed variety, good prices, and nicotine. I seen the pricing and my head about exploded! For the price i was paying for 7ml, i could had been getting 30 with free shipping and the Nicotine level that was suitable for me!!!! Quickly told my girlfriend and was very excited and ordered a sample pack because there's so much to choose from. After ordering i had it in 2 days and OMG, these weren't like anything i had ever tasted! Since march I had bought 2 sample packs, a 50ml bottle, and won a 50ml bottle on eBay. This will now become my arsenal of liquid. I will forever keep coming back. Slims E-Liquid gives me the opportunity to not only vape as much as i want but do it with quality and variety!

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