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I think we all had that moment, before we even knew what vaping was, when we would see people with these futuristic doo-dads creating these massive, delicious smelling clouds and wonder what the heck it was they were doing. Maybe not all of us but certainly for me. It is what started me on my adventure through vape land. In this article I will discuss my little adventure from the start and some important tips that I had to learn the hard way so hopefully it can shed some light on any questions you may have about how to start vaping.

The fist though I had was to purchase myself one of those rechargeable Blu e cig packs. I thought that thing was the bees nees. It looked liked a cigarette and felt like one too! But there was something off about it. Maybe it was the fact that I had to pay ten dollars for new cartridges that lasted me less time than a normal pack of cigarettes did. The batteries kept dying on me, and the hit I got was not strong enough to satisfy my needs. I had to stop using that for it made me want to smoke a cigarette even more. The upside from that experience is that I still loved the idea of smoking vapor over tobacco, so I kept digging.


I upgraded! I got myself a fancy rechargeable battery with a plastic tank. I though at the time that this thing was cool. I was now in control of the juice and what I was vaping. And my selection of flavors was grand. This is when I experienced a bigger cloud and delicious peach flavor. I was having a blast with this thing until another learning experience hit me like a train. NEVER USE A PLASTIC TANK!!! I got a great banana flavor from some local vape shop and it tasted great for a couple hits. Until I started to taste something like bug spray and alcohol mixed. I look at my tank and it splits clear in half from a chemical cut. That is the problem with plastic tanks. It is that, unlike what I previously thought, you cant use every juice in the world with them. Some juices chemically react with the plastic and cause unwanted damage that will cost you time and money. And we all need those to live in vapor land. I upgraded myself to a Kanger aero tank and used that for almost a year until recently. This tank, among many others, was made of Pyrex glass. This can handle any juice you drown it in.

As you do your research on the best way for you to start vaping, I encourage you to view this in the long term and not as an immediate thing to just jump into. By this, of course, I mean money. No matter what we all need to save as much as we can so we can keep getting juice to satisfy our vaping needs. I mentioned using the aerotank. I loved this tank, however I didnt exactly think in the long term. Just like any tank or rda you use, you need coils to keep moving forward. And part of my budget was going toward getting specially made coils for my tank, and it would cost me about 12 bucks a pop for a new pack that would last me roughly 4 weeks. I know this might now sound like a lot, but it really adds up! After doing more research I discover what I believe is the best way to vape and the best way of saving you money in the long run to free up your budget for juice.

Start Dripping!! Rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA) is by far , for me, the best of both worlds. Especially if you love being in control of every aspect of your vaping experience. You build the coils the way you want for the kind of hit that you want, you choose the battery that works best for you, and in some cases you can chose the voltage going to your coils (with a variable wattage mod). But here is the best part.. You save money! The supplies needed are just the wire for coils and some organic cotton. These things will set you back maybe 15 to 20 bucks, but will last longer than prebuilt coils ever will. I built my coils a week ago and this is about the time I would switch out my pre built coil for a new one. However my coil is working just as good as the first day, and I vape a lot throughout the day so that is saying something!

Of course when it comes to vaping it is all up to the individual vaper and what they are looking to get out of the experience. There are also many questions you should ask yourself before starting to vape. Such as: what is your budget? How much cloud do you want? How intense do you want the vape to be? I was overwhelmed at first when getting into vaping because I had no clue what I was doing. I only hope that this article can shed some light on vaping in a general sense to help guide you on your way to start vaping. Vape On!

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