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Cartomizers - or as they otherwise call them, disposable cartridges - are usually very cheap, so a lot of vapers simply prefer to throw them away after they've finished with them. In fact, most of the companies that actually manufacture those products advertise them as disposable units in the first place. A perfectly legitimate question can be raised however, if that cartridge is in perfect shape, why would you want to throw it away prematurely?



There is enough trash in the world as it is, not need to add to it every time we have a chance. Those cartridges can be easily refilled, and they'll give you the same performance as the brand new ones do, while you're also getting some vaping experience, not to mention, saving some money during the process. Some vapors refill those used cartridges as many as ten times before throwing them away for good.



The refilling process is actually the same with almost all cartridges, and it all starts with the removal of the cartomizer. With the help of a tiny screwdriver, you can easily unscrew the cartridge, and remove it. Some may feel the urge to try to refill it while it's still attached, but I wouldn't recommend this, especially if we're talking about an automatic battery. The e-liquid can easily leak through and can end up frying the battery, which we obviously do not want to do in an ideal scenario. Even if you use a manual battery, the leaking juice can cause quite a bit of a mess, so please, unscrew the cartridge first before you start to refill it.



If you want to refill cartridges that were previously filled, either try to use the exact same liquid it had in them before, or clear out the cartridge. Mixing two totally different e-juices can be a disaster if you're not experienced when it comes to blending various liquids, not to mention it pretty much makes the cartridge useless for any future use. Now that we've discussed the basics, let's take a look at two different refilling methods; why they are recommended and what their possible advantages and disadvantages are.



Just Drip It



This method is the easiest, and therefore the most common way of refilling your cartridges. To start, simply remove the plastic cap from the top, with the help of something sharp that can also be inserted into the little hole. Once you managed that, you can simply pull off of it. With blanks, they will come off easier, but you can also run into some glued caps, which won't be as easy to pull off, but still far from impossible. Don't force it though, as those caps tend to break when met with a more-than-necessary force. Another thing, some cartridges will have a rubber ring in them as well, don't forget to check for that, and if there is one, take it out before you refill it.



The moment when you can see the center hole is when you are almost ready for the dripping. Before you do it however, look for brown marks around the hole. If there are any, simply throw that cartridge out, as they'll most likely cause a terrible taste. If everything looks as it should be, no brown marks and such, you can finally start the dripping process. Gently hold the cartridge at a comfortable angle for the dripping, and start bombing away. You should not aim for the bottom of the cartridge (hence the angle) but rather its side, this way the stuff will evenly spread for you before it saturates.



An average cartridge can hold around 1,1 ml of e-liquid, which roughly translates into anything from 25 to 30 drops. If you beginning to see a puddle that simply won't get absorbed, chances are you were a little too excited, and overfilled it. Even if that happens, the situation can still be salvaged, with the use of a simple paper towel or paper tissue. Once you have finished, simply blow through the battery to see if everything is all right.



The Condom Method



The condom, or as they otherwise call it, the "push method," has actually nothing to do with condoms, but they can present a good alternative for those who managed to shatter the caps of the cartridges just way too many times. This method couldn't be more straightforward, but because of various reasons, it's really only recommended for devices that come with a manual button, or devices that have sealed batteries. The reasons for that are the leaks that could, and probably will, occur during the refilling process. As the above mentioned devices come in a leak-proof design, the liquid won't be able to ruin them as easy or at all.



To start with this method, you are going to need a simple rubber cover you can see on both ends of various cartridges. Put those covers at a flat surface, and start dripping the liquid in it. I'd recommend about 10 drops. Then, simply insert the cartridge into this rubber cover, which will force the cartomizer to soak up the e-juice. You don't have to wait long here, a couple seconds should be enough, before you can pull out the cartridge and start wiping away the unnecessary liquid with a simple paper towel. This method can offer a good solution for those who simply couldn't take down the rubber caps, but more often than not, this also ends up being the messier method between the two.



One last thing; although I certainly recommend refilling your cartridges a few times (as many as 10 times if you want to), don't forget that they were also designed to be disposable. After a while, they won't give you the same top-notch performance. Another little trick to prolonging their life is refilling them before they completely run out of the e-juice, but this, of course, suggests you will refill it with the same kind of e-liquid it contained before. Good luck.

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