How to Choose the Best E-juice for You: Part 3 (of 3): Flavorings

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How to Choose the Best E-juice for You: Part 3 (of 3): Flavorings


Now to the Really Fun Part.  


Glancing over Slim's Ejuice selection can be a bit overwhelming--in a good way.  With 400+ flavors to choose from, plus the possibility of customizing your very own blend, don't be surprised if you find yourself momentarily dazed and confused.  Cut yourself some slack--you are practically pondering infinity, now.   Prepare to be pleasantly surprised!


Have you ever thought to yourself, "If only I could bottle that..."  ?                                              Well, now someone has done it it--for your vaping pleasure--and it was probably Slim!  It's practically axiomatic that your tastes will change as you vape.  A flavor you purchase now and aren't thrilled with could become your ADV (All Day Vape) down the line.  


So, where to begin?   You may have read a little about e-juice flavors already and realize that the tastes you enjoy in food or candy may--or may not--be what appeal you to when vaporized.   Oddly enough, many black licorice haters are huge fans of licorice or absinthe flavored vapes.  Go figure!  


Flavor Breakdown


Ejuice flavor types are commonly broken down as follows:  


Tobacco, Bakery/Dessert, Fruits, Beverages, Candy and Savories


Within each of these categories there are many sub-categories.  For instance, the tobacco flavor you choose may be of the "Virginia" variety or the "Burley".  Or maybe you'd prefer an RY4 blend, which is much sweeter, including caramel and vanilla with nutty undertones.   Savory e-juice flavors tend to be the ones you really wouldn't think to vape, but some people swear by:  bacon, pizza, brazil nut...?!  Who would've thought?  

Start Small


With some vaping experience under your belt you will probably find a certain range or category of flavor you're personally drawn to.  I suggest ordering a small amount of a flavor you feel pretty sure you will like, along with a similar amount of one that sounds good to you--but which you are not quite so sure about.   Perhaps as a long-time smoker of combustible cigarettes you feel that you will most enjoy tobacco flavors.  If that's your intuition, follow it!  You can always branch out later.   Caveat: there are no completely "safe" vaping choices because of the individual nature of everyone's palate,  you can narrow it down quite a bit by applying some common sense as well as following your gut feeling.


Personally, I adore bakery flavors.  But I never would have believed I would want to "smoke" a coconut cream pie.  It turns out I absolutely love this and similar vaping flavors!  I am constantly amazed at the complexity and true-to-life elements flavor artists (aka "mixologists") have been able to put in a bottle.  


Still, I think, on the whole, flavors and fragrances you are drawn to in other contexts will tend to be what you like in a vape fluid.   I recommend beginning with a conservative approach.  There's nothing fun about having a whole bottle of ejuice you don't like much--with the possible exception of being able to give it to someone else who (these things being very individual and subjective) might like it a great deal.


It Doesn't Have to Be Complicated.


If it starts to feels that way, remember that every part of vaping is as simple or complex as you make it!  So, think of a single flavor, any flavor.  Chances are better than even that Slim's Ejuice has it--and will mix it for you in any nicotine strength you want, from 0 to 36, in your preferred ratio of PG/VG!  In my book, customization is key in a juice vendor, and in this area, Slim's truly rocks the vaping world.


Flavors are a lot of fun, and perhaps especially for the beginning vaper, a crucial consideration.  If you are planning to end your indentured servitude to cigarettes, you want to be sure you are comfortable and happy with your inital choices.  


Breathe.  It's all good.


Finding the right ejuice for you will be to some extent an experiment in trial and error.  But honestly, there are so many great flavors available now, there is no way to go completely wrong if you introduce a little variety into your choices.  I like to think of it as a great adventure.  The fact that I'm no longer inhaling combusted particulate matter into my lungs on a daily basis?  A a terrific bonus.  


--Nom de Plume

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