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Posted by admin 14/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

Many of us have parents who smoke pipes, cigerettes or cigars that need extra help but do not want to move into assisted living because they can not smoke. Getting an vapor pipe or cigarette can be a viable solution for this problem. Whether it is an apartment building, cottages, or a nursing home situation vapor can be used with out them having to go outside in most cases. They can give up the cigerettes, pipes and cigars with out giving up the habit of movement and inhalation or taste. We recently purchased a vapor pipe for my father inlaw who is over 70 for Chistmas. They may not try it because they are scared of change and learning new things at thier age but with a little help and sharing time getting to know the vaporizer until they are comfertable can give you a peace of mind. They may be more willing to move into a place where they will be safer and still be able to not make a big change to their habit.

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