Electronic-Cigarette Battery Maintenance

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Electronic cigarettes rely on proper battery power in order to function the way that they were intended. There are numerous problems that will also arise over the course of using one, however, and those who use them often find that there are a great number of problems that they face in maintaining the battery. If you know what to do, it will be a much simpler task and your e-cigarette will last much longer.

Understanding Your Battery

     The battery of an e-cigarette will last the longest of any of the parts, but don’t take that to mean you won’t have to adequately understand it. Even with the best of care, users will see that they can only last so long, but extending the life of it isn’t as difficult as many might assume.


     The first thing that those using e-cigarettes should think about is the fact that it should only be charged using manufacturer approved charging devices. There are various options available, although only an official device should ever be used on your particular electronic cigarette.

     Be certain to fully charge the e-cigarette’s battery every time that you plug it in. It can be tempting to use it as soon as there is enough juice in it, but you must charge it to maximum capacity each time if you would like to extend the battery life of it.


     Cleaning the battery is one of the best ways to keep it charging and working well. To do this, you simply need to take a q-tip and wipe the connections every week or two. To get it especially clean, you can dip it in alcohol and wipe it down, making sure to disinfect it properly and get rid of any buildup.

     This simple cleaning process can go a long way towards extending its life and making sure you enjoy your e-cigarette. There are more in depth cleaning options if you would like to open up the device, but that is very rarely necessary unless something has happened to it recently.

Common Problems

     There are numerous problems that can happen with an electronic-cigarette battery, but there are a few that happen more than others:

The Liquid Is Burning

     If you find that the battery is burning the liquid you have used in the cartomizer, you’ll need to look at the battery connector and see if there is a problem. Often, you’ll find that the connection is too tight, or that the battery has oil on it. If the liquid has gotten onto the connector, it will start to burn, so make sure you do not overfill the container.

The Battery Doesn’t Last

     When a battery does not last very long, there are a number of things that can happen, but primarily it often means it needs to be replaced. A battery can only last for so long and when it begins lasting less and less time it is when you should be looking into a replacement.

Battery Comes On Without Touching It

     Sometimes a battery will turn on when you aren’t pressing the button. This usually happens with automatic models, but the solution can be difficult. The easiest way to remedy this situation is to take off the ash cap and tap it on a hard surface, while blowing into it, forcing the pin back into the proper place.

The Battery Doesn’t Light Up When Taking A Drag

     If you are a user who is taking a drag on the electronic-cigarette and it doesn’t light up or produce vapor, it might be possible that the battery needs to be replaced. Take the time to charge it properly every time, in order to extend the life and keep it functioning to its maximum potential.

Very Little Vapor Is Produced

     Always be sure to take slow drags to test if the battery is working. Fast, hard drags can not only cause you to not receive vapor, it can cause the battery switches to become lodged and make it stop working properly. Your battery will likely return off on its own after a time, as well, so if you are taking drags that are too long this might be the problem.

Tips For Keeping Your Battery Healthy

      Having a healthy battery is easier than many users might think, but it does require a few tips to help it along. By keeping these things in mind you’ll have a healthier battery that lasts for years.

      Unplug The Battery When Done Charging

      When your battery has completed the charging cycle, since overcharging can often times become a problem. Overworking the specific device in this way will cause it to wear out much more quickly.

Don’t Store With Low Charge

     When a person stores their e-cigarette battery with a low charge, it will drain more quickly each time and have to work harder every time it is charged. Even when charging to maximum capacity after several cycles of this, the battery will begin to last shorter and the overall lifespan of it will be drastically reduced.

Disconnect When Not Using

     Any time that person isn’t using their e-cigarette, it should be unplugged from the cartomizer. If you will not be using the cigarette for a while, this can help reduce the amount of times you have to charge it overall and thereby extend the life greatly. This isn’t always necessary, but it can most certainly help some people.

Enjoying The Long Battery Life

     No matter which type of battery you are using, you will benefit from taking care of it. As the source of power, it is vital to proper function, so it is worth taking care of. With both manual, automatic, and variable batteries, proper maintenance and care should be a priority. Take these kinds of things into account and you’ll enjoy it for years to come without having to worry about replacing one. 




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