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The world today is seeing a shift from many old habits, thanks to the ever increasing technology that is allowing the world to develop things that were never heard of or imagined in the past. One such development of this century is the development of the e-cigarette. The e-cigarettes, provided to us by top vendors such as Slims Ejuice, have the advantage of being tobacco free and containing harmless things such as water, flavor, etc. Another thing that adds to the popularity of electronic cigarettes is that their vapor is odorless.


     E-cigarettes work on lithium batteries and they generate a vapor that evaporates in mere seconds, thus they do not have the odor that cigarettes produce. Electronic cigarettes are also much cheaper than cigarettes, however, this fact may cease to hold true in Tennessee with the implementation of their new laws.


     E-cigarettes and e-juices are available all over the world. For those living in Tennessee, it is useful and important to understand what the e-cigarette situation and demand is in Tennessee, and how they can find e-cigs and e-juices in that area. Tennessee follows strict rules and regulations regarding smoking that must be followed by all those who indulge in smoking in the area. E-cigarettes have also generated the creation of laws regarding vaping.


     The Tennessee Department of Health stated that people may have a lack of information regarding the new e-cigs and the risks associated with them. They further went on to state that those who wish to indulge in smoking e-cigs must get them from trustworthy vendors such as Slims Ejuice, so as to ensure that these e-cigs are nicotine free.


     The Health Department went on to say that the manufacturing of some of the e-cigs is not regulated, unless the e-cigs are being delivered by well-known top vendors. They stated that although most of the e-cig manufacturers claim that their e-cigars have no nicotine, the vapor tests have shown a considerable percentage of nicotine in them.


      The Tennessee Health Department also highlighted the fact that FDA is yet to give its approval regarding e-cigarettes, thus people may be wary of the benefits of e-cigs. The reason for the delay of the approval is that it was deduced in a number of tests that some elements of electronic cigarettes may be harmless, but there remain certain elements that are indeed, harmful.


       In the locality of Tennessee, teenagers and children are mostly taken care of by their families, rather than putting them into day cares. Parents are generally against e-cigarettes as they contain lithium batteries, which, if in the proximity of young children, can prove to be hazardous. The set legal age for buying cigarettes in Tennessee is eighteen and thus, the same age legality barrier is implied towards e-cigs, to keep youngsters away from the addiction of e-cigs.


       Pregnant women in the whole of Tennessee are discouraged from indulging in the use of e-cigs, as it can cause complications in the pregnancy. The Tennessee Health Department has further highlighted and proven that people may become prone to addiction of e-cigarettes. Once they stop smoking electronic cigarettes or their sale is hampered, individuals can suffer from withdrawal symptoms.


      The FDA of Tennessee has recently taken into notice the action of some e-cig manufacturers, who use cartoon characters in their advertisements and allow people of any age bracket to come and purchase the e-cigarettes. In Tennessee, the number of children who have indulged in the use of e-cigs is nearly 1.8 million. This alarming number of children involved has prompted lawmakers in the region to develop and implement strict laws regarding vaping.


      The government has decided that they will be exercising an excise tax on e-cigarettes. Distributors in Tennessee will be liable for paying the tobacco tax or else they might lose their license. Retailers on the other hand, must collect sales tax on the sales of these e-cigs. This move will allow illegal manufacturing of e-cigs to vanish and only genuine vendors, such as Slims Ejuice, to remain in the market.


     However, there remains a drawback with this move. A number of small businesses operate in Tennessee which work solely on the business of selling e-cigs. Imposition of tax rules will hurt their profits and sales, and causing their businesses to end. To find a solution to the problem, the Tennessee government decided to impose lower taxes on e-cigs as compared to those of cigarettes, so as to indirectly convey the message that e-cigarettes are indeed, in one way or the other, better than cigarettes.


     There remain a number of e-cig vendors in Tennessee who are ready to provide a vast variety of e-cigs. However, individuals must do thorough background checks and understand as to which vendors and genuine and which are not. Remember to ask the vendor to show them their certificate that makes them legal in the business of selling e-cigarettes.


     Top e-cigs and e-juice vendor, Slims Ejuice, has their own website and prompts their customers to interact with the company, and provide them with timely feedbacks. This reflects that such vendors are the legal and trustworthy vendors of e-cigs. Such vendors also guide their customers towards the do’s and don’ts of vaping, and thus, works to keep them safe from getting into the hassles of Tennessee laws and regulations.


    It is solely the responsibility of e-cigarette lovers to understand the rules and regulations of Tennessee, and any other locality where they reside, to safely indulge in vaping, and prevent themselves from any hassles of breaking the set laws and regulations. Getting e-cigs from illegal vendors can land you in trouble, so be hundred percent sure before buying an e-cig from a vendor.


     It is also the responsibility of the smoker to make sure that he does not expose anyone to the vapor of the e-cigarettes, and directly or indirectly, cause them any damage. The people of Tennessee focus greatly on their health, and thus, remain skeptical towards both cigarettes and e-cigs.

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