E-cigarette Myth Debunked

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Have you been smoking e-cigs for a while now? Well, I am sure you must have heard mixed reviews regarding the use of e-cigarettes. There are always people out there that will discourage the use of e-cigarettes or scare you regarding its hazards.


     Well, it is no surprise as critics have been around since the beginning of time. Some people are just skeptical by nature and enjoy picking out negative aspects of everything just for the sake of discussion. At times, there is not even sufficient research to back up the claims, but still they are made.


     The following are some of the myths which have become apparent recently regarding the use of e-cigs. Take a look at them and decide for yourself whether they are myths or actual facts.


You Are Taking In Anti-Freeze

     An interesting argument which you may come across is based on the fact that vapors which are inhaled are anti-freeze. This is a rather lame argument which is not backed by any solid facts. For people who give you such a statement, it is best to treat them like a school kid who hears a rumour and passes it on by adding another fib or two.


     It is true that the vapor in e-cig contains a liquid known as propylene glycol which is often used in antifreeze. But why it is used, is not known to most. So it is important to get your facts straight. The reason why propylene glycol is used is mainly to avoid the vapor from becoming lethal, in case it is swallowed. So therefore, it is used for the exact opposite reason for which it was said to be used. It is not dangerous rather it is used to prevent you from choking.


     Some ejuices use pharmaceutical based propylene glycol, which is one of the most essential elements of an e-cigarette, as without its use it is not possible to vape. Propylene glycol is heated up and it turns into vapors. Propylene glycol is also being used in inhalers for asthma as well as nebulizers. Some cosmetics and beverages also use propylene glycol. So when people inform you that you are taking in antifreeze, just smile and inform them that if they drink soda, then they are also inhaling antifreeze.


E-Cigarettes Make You Inhale Second Hand Vapor

     When water is heated it vaporizes, this is the same concept used in an e-cigarette. When you vapor, the particles dissipate into the air rather quickly. So very small traces of vapor may be released into the air, but it is not strong enough to be passed on to someone else. Whereas, if you compare to cigarette smoke which tends to stay in the air for quite a while, it can easily be inhaled by people around the smoker as it dissipates very quickly.


     Some studies have been conducted to show the impact of vapors on other people and it has been found that there is a nominal amount of trace of vapors exhaled.


There Are Chances Of Explosion

     If you look at this statement in a theoretical manner, then it may even be possible for a beautiful actress to fall in love with a cleaner coming to her house. Why, because the ejuice come with lithium ion batteries and can sustain the charge in a much better way than the previous nicad batteries which used to be sold. Some manufacturers still use nicad batteries, so check before you buy. Ejuice today, ensure that there is no possibility of overcharging; hence any danger which may have been perceived is no longer applicable.


     The main reason why the batteries used to fail was due to overcharging. If you press the e-cig power button for more than a couple of seconds, it turns off immediately preventing any chance of overheating. It is possible that the battery may malfunction, but only in circumstances when there they are exposed to very high temperatures. So there is no way that an explosion could occur under a normal situation.


You Have No Clue What They Put In E-Cigs

     It is a statement most often heard by naysayers, but this question can be easily answered as this information is readily available on several manufacturing websitesThe ingredients in e-cigarette include Vegetable glycerine, Propylene glycol, Distilled water and natural and artificial flavours. In fact, some of the flavours are actually natural.

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