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Electronic cigarettes, also known as vaporizers are small devices that replicate the feel of a regular cigarette. The only difference between regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes is that these are battery powered and require occasional refills.


    Joining an electronic cigarette forum can help you in various ways. An electronic cigarette forum will have any information that you need and it also connects you to a network for people that have the same concerns as you. There are plenty of electronic cigarette forums that you can choose from.


Why should I join an E-Cigarette forum or Facebook Group?


There are many reasons why you should join an electronic cigarette forum:


  • Support


At a forum, you meet new people who believe in most of the things that you believe in. This is a place where you can find the support you are looking for, even in order to quit smoking.


  • Information


Electronic Cigarettes are a relatively new product and there is so much that people do not know about them. These things include “how to refill electronic cigarette cartridges by yourself?”, “The different drip methods.”, “How to make your own flavors from scratch?”, and “The different injection methods” etc.


In the interest of knowledge, here are nine little facts about Electronic Cigarettes that every smoker should know.


  1. Electronic cigarettes look just like regular cigarettes but the only difference between them and regular cigarettes is that you do not need to have a match or a lighter to use them. They are battery powered and have a cartridge filled with nicotine. You can puff on it just as you would puff on a regular cigarette and it would heat up, causing the liquid to become vapor.

  2. Using an electronic cigarette will make it seem like you are smoking a regular cigarette because the smoke or the vapor is visible to the human eye but there is no smell of it.

  3. Even up until now many health agencies are still unsure whether electronic cigarettes are safe or not and research is still going on to determine just how healthy the device actually is. However, it is agreed upon that it is very much safer than regular cigarettes in all ways.

  4. It can contain as much nicotine as you want it to and it can also be nicotine free. The best thing about electronic cigarettes is that you can control and regulate your own nicotine intake.

  5. Originally invented in China, electronic cigarettes are now a commodity desired all over the world. Their growing popularity has indicated people want to quit smoking but find it too difficult to do so. This healthy alternative gives these smokers a chance to adopt a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

  6. These come in a lot of flavors like chocolate, coffee or caramel but they are not kid-friendly. These cigarettes consist of flavors that may appeal to kids but they are in no way targeted at a young audience.

  7. They require maintenance. The battery needs to be charged. Refills are supposed to be bought very frequently and you have to sometimes replace the battery as well. You can find how to do all that properly from an E-Cigarette forum.

  8. They used to be a novelty product but with the growing demand, they have now become affordable and easily accessible to normal people as well. You can access a forum to find out about the best retailers in the market.

  9. They are safe to smoke in public places.


You can easily go to a forum and ask a direct question. That question is then made available to an audience that will answer your query in a variety of ways. In this manner, you are now exposed to a number of answers from which you can choose the most suitable one.


  • Expression


You can post anything you like on a forum (except hate speech obviously). People will respond to your post differently and you might find a new set of people that agree with you while people in your social circle do not.


There is nothing stopping you from being who you are. The internet offers you a chance to be anonymous and to discuss things you would not normally discuss with regular people. Here you can discuss the reasons why you smoke; you can talk to people about your progress and your smoking preferences. Here you can also make new friends.


  • It keeps you up to date


When you join a forum, you get to know more about electronic cigarettes than you do now. Searching the internet for information can be tiresome and in the end, you cannot be completely sure that the information you read about was reliable or not.


Through a forum, you are able to interact with live people and discuss ideas. You can also stay up to date with everything going on in the electronic cigarette world.


  • Discover new things


Forums can help you discover new retailers that you never knew about, you discuss the pros and cons of a certain kind of electronic cigarette. If you are experiencing any problems with your product, you can easily go on the forum and ask a question. If there is a new flavor you want to try but are not sure of it, you can go to a forum and ask everyone’s opinion on it.


A forum keeps you well aware of anything and everything regarding your product. It enhances your electronic cigarette experience and allows you to be up to date with everything. It helps you understand if you are doing things correctly and if not, what you are doing wrong. Join an electronic cigarette forum and make the best of your smoking experience.


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