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The technology driven Classy Cigar


    Sophistication has reached a whole new level with the techy electronic cigar introduced in the market. The classy cigar fans are trying out this new affordable device without the nuisance of the smoke and horrible smell left behind.


Taste of E-Cigar


    The e-cigar experience is somewhat different from the typical conventional cigar. It’s a combination of the Cuban or Havana Cigar giving birth to a fusion Cuvana e-cigar. It is bursting with flavour and does not even give a taste of tobacco on your lips. Best of all it rids the stink caused in the whole room.


     Whether you are a long time cigar smoker or a newbie, you will find e-smoking way more enjoyable and flavoursome with lots of different slims e-juice flavours to make it all the more appealing and refined.


     Catching up with your mates or just relaxing on your own, take a puff of a sophisticated e-cigar and let the flavour and sensational aroma provide you with a pleasurable experience. Whether you are a habitual smoker or take an occasional whiff, the vapor cigar will be perfect for you.


     E-cigar can be a pleasurable tech savvy experience without the trouble of bothering others with the second hand smoke. To enjoy the experience to the maximum there are some tricks of the trade you should recognize.


     Feel the authority of the cigar by holding it between your fingers, taking in the vapours of slims e-juice and enjoy the closeness to the traditional flavour cigar taste. The younger generation which may not experience the novel cigar are seeking great contentment in the e-cigar. In fact a lot of the younger generation hasn’t tried the real thing, but enjoy the thrill of e-cigar.


     Smoking a cigar has always been considered a high class sophisticated activity enjoyed by men in the age bracket of the 30s who consider this as a bonding activity with friends or mates from work. Cigar smoking is completely embraced by today’s young man.


     As compared to the e-cigar the life of a conventional cigar is short lived so once its out of the box and it is lit, it will start to lose its freshness and unique smell. Smoking a whole cigar is perhaps a difficult task, especially for the younger aficionado who will take around 10 puffs. So why not use an e-cigar which gives you the flexibility to take as many whiffs as you like whenever you like.


Odour free Cigar


     The best aspect of E-cigar is that it allows you to have the same sort of experience as a traditional cigar but without the foul smell created in the house. Cigar smoke tends to absorb into furniture and is rather difficult to get rid of.


     It's rather amazing how well the E-cigar mimics a conventional cigar yet making it a more enjoyable event for smokers and non-smokers. These state of the art cigars saves you from the horrible reek which spreads the entire place. People have tried hard to avoid the pungent smell which, despite the use of abundant air freshener persists for a long time.


    Whether you are having a get together, a wedding, a poker game the boys or just relaxing with the friends you no longer have to worry about the strong odour that seeps through the walls of the entire house. The E-cigar with its stench free experience saves you from the embarrassing situation of watching people make distressed faces and at the same time it does not affect the children roaming around the place. 


     In this tech savvy era with the idea of virtual creative experience and artificial flavouring, E-cigar has been yet another innovation packed with the original look yet bursting with modern e-juice vapors. Much like the E-cigarette the idea behind e-cigar was to preserve the traditional cigar's appearance and taste but remove the destructive effect of the tobacco cigar. The Cuban vapor cigar comes in many e-juice flavours to provide a unique sensation.


The Superior Sensation


     The modern electronic cigar has been welcomed by young and old with its original, yet contemporary feel bursting with e-juice flavour and free of tar, tobacco, ash or smoky odour. The e-cigar has maintained its classy feel with a chic style, range of colours and lengths to opt from. Some say that the e-cigar has got a lot more to offer than a simple cigar with its sophisticated modern look and a range of e-juice flavours providing an original sensation and satisfaction to perhaps make you stand out among your friends at a poker game. In the last couple of years e-cigar sales have hit the sky with a massive increase of 3million in the states only. Looking at this trend more companies are investing in e-cigars to produce a vast range of styles and dimensions to meet the customer demand.


The Contemprary Experience


      Much like the traditional cigar which hits harder than a normal cigarette and produces dense smoke on every whiff, the electronic cigar gives an equally superior pleasure. The e-cigar is stronger than the usual e-cigarette with its higher nicotine content and lots more flavour in each puff. The traditional cigar tends to make a heavy smoke, whereas the modern cigar tends to make a heavier vapor, but the overall kick gained from the original cigar is found to be preserved in the contemporary Cuban Slims e-juice of the electronic cigar.


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