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What are e-Cigarette Cartomizers?

     So why are cartomizers called so? Well, mainly because it is a combination of an atomizer and cartridge that is used to store the e-juice, which is vaporized to provide a smoke free experience. The e-juice present in the cartomizer is heated to produce vapor, which is inhaled by the consumer. Heat is provided in the e-juice through the heating coil as a result of induction from the charging of the battery. Silicone wicks are absorbed and sent to the e-juice through a reservoir.

Types OF Cartomizer

Single Coil

     Cartomizers are being designed using a wide range of technologies. Fillered based cartomizers are coming with a coil either at the top or bottom depending on where the battery lies as that provides a source of charging to the coil. The functioning, capacity and performance of a cartomizer is being designed in various ways, according to the desire of the vendor.

Double Coil

     Another innovation in the cartomizers is the use of two coils which are placed in parallel to each other. The use of two coils allows greater output with higher production of vapors compared to the use of a single coil. However the trial of these cartomizers showed that they are not as efficient as single coil and tend to drain the battery rather quickly.

Tank Cartomizer

     Another range of cartomizers includes tank or tube style which boasts a range of different variations. There is no filler in this variety and uses a wick as the coil alone does not function if it is pushed into the e-juice.


     In this kind of cartomizer the coil is present just above the cartomizer away from the battery with the coil emerged into a ceramic container within a void tube that allows the passage of air to the battery.

     Cartomizers come in a vast range of varieties ranging from the filled cartomizers, multiple coils, and fillerless designs. As the technology spreads even more options will be available to the consumers. The design and production of cartomizers is much to do with user inclination. What style of cartomizer you prefer will take some experimentation.

     Cartomizers may be designed to suit personal needs, but can be rather difficult to fill. The ideal technique used for filling is a syringe, but can be rather annoying to use and make one feel like a junkie and be put off by the whole idea. There are certain models like the G4, which do not require filling that can be used by consumers that want convenience.

Pros and Cons

     There is a large range of cartomizers and atomizers which appeals to its own set of audience, but there is no specific distinction as to what is right or wrong way when it comes to the choice of these devices. Hit and trial method is best if you are not sure what type is best appropriate for you.

      Atomizers are often said to last longer than the cartomizers but are more expensive than your standard cartomizer. The technique of dipping the coil directly into the e-juice gives a more enhanced experience. Flavours can be changed around so there are lots of options to try out. All you need to do is change the flavour of the tank by swapping with a different cartridge and you can puff away.

      Tanks and cartridges could also be leveled out by some as drawbacks to atomizer solutions as well. The available cartridges are rather small in size and contain only a small amount of juice. The e-juice may not require much meddling, but it can result in a leak and often have a rather bland taste. Dipping enhances the flavour significantly, but has a difficult way of loading.  

      The cartomizers can last a couple of hours or even a whole day depending on your usage and level of vapouring. Since lots of different options are available in different sizes and types to meet the needs of a variety of consumers. 

      Alas, with great variation in the state of the art technology out in the area, there will be numerous threads.  This is generally the case when it comes to cartomizers.  If the cartoizers are not stored properly, then they will eventually burn away. Great care should be taken when it comes to the cartomizers as they cause a lot of damage if they burst or are even leaked. Now cartomizers are often coming in disposable packaging as it is easy to manage and cheap as well.  

When Cartomizers should be Replaced

     When using the cartomizer the burnt taste that is experienced is an indication that the cartomizer needs to be replaced. The nasty taste will indicate that you have reached either the end of the cartomizer or it has gotten old enough that a new one should be bought. It is possible that it may not have gone bad its just your taste buds that don’t accept it.

     Depending on how much you smoked a general cigarette, and how much you smoke an e-cig, you can estimate how long your cartomizer will last. Generally, if you used to smoke a pack a day then that is exactly how long your cartomizer will last. It is best to listen to your taste buds to determine when you should replace the cartomizer.

     Keep spare cartridges around the house so that you don’t have to frequently run to the market. Keep at least two cartridges always in spare so that you are organized. This way you won't be bothered the whole refilling process.

     Keep in mind what good or bad flavour of e-juice tastes like, so that you know exactly when to throw the cartridge and replace it. If in doubt, it is better to replace the cartridge rather than continuous use of the cartridge which can be damaging to your health.

     Keep your charger and refills in a specific place so that it does not become a hassle for you and the e-cig experience is one you enjoy much like the traditional cigarette. By learning to manage your refill e-juice cartridges you can save plenty of time and energy. The cartridge will also last much longer and at the same time you will be more organized.

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