Why Certain Ejuice Flavors Can’t Go In A Plastic Tank

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For some e-cigarette users in recent time, there has been a new problem arising. That is the problem of cracked tanks, due to certain e-cigarette juice flavors that cannot be used in plastic tanks, and only cartomizers. The reasoning behind this is interesting and it is important to understand what is going on if you don’t want to be replacing your tank on a regular basis due to the juice that you are using to fill it.


     There are plenty of different advantages to using carts, compared to caromizers, but that is only if you are using the proper juices inside of them. This makes a lot of people nervous, but there is no reason to worry if you understand the following:


What Are Tanks Made Of?


     Plastics come in a variety of forms, but the kind used in the tanks is important. These range from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is often used in plumbing, where PE, or polyethylene, is used in soda bottles and other similar softer products. These have wide different physical and chemical properties, which plays an important role when you are using them to hold a variety of products.


     Most plastic cigarette tanks are constructed out of polycarbonate, or PC, although some will use polypropylene, or PP. The PC tanks will be the ones that are entirely clear, similar to glass, while PP tanks have an off-white color to the plastic. This makes them easy to identify when you simply look at the electronic cigarette that you have been using. For the most part, PP tanks aren’t known for cracking, although the opposite is true of PC tanks. Take the time to identify the tank that you have, or one that you are looking into purchasing, so that you will be able to know if you are at risk and learn what you can do about it.


Why Do They Crack?


     Polycarbonate tanks typically crack in part due to the reactivity of the plastic itself. It is known for rapidly degrading and cracking easily once there are certain chemicals placed inside of them. There is a long list of things that can’t be stored in them, and they are usually labeled as such, informing you what you should and shouldn’t put inside of them. A quick Google search will turn up thousands of results for chemicals that can’t be used in them, even though many of them are not harmful to your body. That isn’t to say they won’t harm the things that you are storing them in, however. Now, more on what is actually happening and what you can do about it when you are using your electronic cigarette.


      Many of the chemicals that can’t be stored in PC plastics are things that you likely won’t find in any e-cigarette juice, no matter what source you ar using. The long list of products that are considered safe, though, includes things that are used in flavorings, but will still cause tanks to crack when they are stored in them. Among the most popular flavors that will harm the plastic are many fruity flavors, including banana and apple in particular. These chemically weak plastics are not ideal for e-cigarettes, but it is nonetheless popular due to the ability to produce it cheaply. For many uses, this is fine, but here it can become a problem.


     Some other flavors tend to crack the plastic as well, such as Mojito Mint flavored juices. It is hard to say what compound specifically is responsible in these flavors, but there are many obscure chemicals that have not been rated for use in PC tanks. They do state, however, that “ketones” can have a dramatic effect and should never be used in contact with the plastic. Those “ketones” are used in a lot of different flavors, including mint and earthy flavors as well. If you can think of something that has a flavor that resembles mint, fruit, or earth, it likely contains ketones that should be avoided.


     With that being said, almost any flavor can crack a polycarbonate tank. If you ask a chemist, they will be able to think of a long list of ketones that would do this to your tank, so it should go without saying that they all contain something harmful. That doesn’t mean they are harmful to your health, but it does mean they can harm your wallet.


     That doesn’t mean you should avoid them altogether, but you do have to be careful and might have to experiment some on your own. Recreating flavors is difficult for ecigarette juice, so there are limited options for creating new formulas. It may be up to you to decide how to avoid the problem.


What Can You Do?


      Most people who enjoy flavors that are known for cracking plastic tanks decide to simply start using cartomizers instead. Cartomizers are much smaller, and more closely resemble an actual cigarette, but they don’t hold as much liquid. For people who vape a lot during the day, this can be a problem as they’ll find themselves constantly refilling their chambers in an attempt to keep going.


      The other option, however, is to simply purchase a tank that doesn’t have the level of reactivity that polycarbonate tanks do. Most manufacturers produce a number of different options, so make sure that you pay attention and purchase one that won’t have this cracking issue. There are other factors at play in some cases, but simply doing this will help you stay on top and enjoying your e-cigarette for years to come.


      Cracking tanks are just one of the many problems that e-cigarette users run into, but it is one of the more costly. Tanks aren’t cheap and if you are constantly replacing them you’ll spend far more money that you did when you were smoking tobacco cigarettes. Use the knowledge you have now to not only make your experience more enjoyable, but less costly overall. 


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We have a disclaimer talking about different flavors and which ones might not be a good idea to go into different tanks.



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