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Posted by admin 14/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

Recently me and my buddy started vaping more seriously and decided to get mods and RDA's, e juice was expensive enough already and it just got more expensive the faster we went through it, I started talking to one of the guys at my local vape store and he told me If I wanted cheaper high quality e juice I should go check out Slims E Juice, He said I could get 30 ml for around 9 dollars, this blew me away because at my vape shop that would cost around 25 dollars, so I checked it out once I got home and me being a huge fan of cereal breakfast flavors, I decided to try out Cereal killa along with a couple of other E juices.

When I tried Cereal Killa, I almost died, It was the far most best Cereal based e juice I'd ever tried, I sampled really expensive breakfast e juices before but none like SLIMS!!! It was a delicious, Creamy and I could taste every bit of it, its a mix of Rice Crispy s, Fruit Circles and Cream, Its my new favorite breakfast juice, it was great, just great. Not only that but they also sent me 3 FREE 10ml samples, Then when I requested certain flavor samples they even sent me the ones I requested

My next order had to be The Wizard, I searched through the site and saw it was there most popular flavors and decided to order it, AMAZING!!! Truly my ADV, I could taste the nectarine and pomegranate and on the exhale hints of cream, they blended perfectly together and was truly amazing. I cant exactly explain it but you HAVE to try it.

Next flavor in my amazing experience was Nectar of the Gods, Another one of his signature mixes, VERY SWEET, This blend is just another great juice , I tasted sweet honey and cream on the exhale, truly one of my favorites now. I got this as one of the 3 samples they gave me and instantly fell in love with it, another ADV and favorite to my list of e juices.

One other flavor I got to try from a sample was Unicorns Milk, a creamy sweet strawberry vanilla dream, I could vape it all day, it gives off a strong creamy flavor along with a strawberry at the exhale, it tasted soooo good I had to buy more, just another flavor added to my favorites once again, Other company's sold similar juices like this, but this one was the best by far. very good and highly recommended if you enjoy creamy vapes 

They also offer lots of options like if you want to add more flavor to it, the nic ranges from 1- 34 and you can add additional flavors to any of the juices, you can even CREATE your own juice, there are so many options I love it, not only that but they offer tons of different discounts and life discounts,
to make a long story short Slims E juice is truly one of the best sites to buy cheap HIGH QUALITY E Juices and I will look forward to ordering from them again and writing more reviews

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