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Hello to all you vapers out there! After reading the title, you must already have a great idea what this article is about. That’s right, summer is leaving us behind and fall is upon us! I hope that all of your summers were legendary and filled with vaping galore! Now if you are thinking that the changing season is going to make our lives less legendary, you, sir or madam, are sorely mistaken. It is simply the vape that makes our lives legendary and the experiences richer and full of delight. So, I have for you, a fall of vaping!


In this article we will discuss my top choices in juice from Slims to make this fall season unlike any other. Lets get started!


First on my list is a juice I am very fond of and gets me ready for the coming season. This juice I speak of is the wonderful Red Citrus Soda E juice. This is a great mix of lemon, lime, raspberry, and strawberry. Now this juice is a perfect mixture of smooth and sweet that has never failed to put a smile on my face. This juice tastes and smells like my favorite soda. One interesting thing that I noticed is that after vaping this juice for some time, the flavor started tasting more along the lines of a peach ring gummy candy. This is perfectly fine with me, however, as that is one of my favorite candies! This could differ per person, I just figured I would share that experience of mine. This flavor has me always going back for more and more. I seriously cannot get enough of this flavor. One major thing that I worry about with juices is that I will get bored of the flavor or think it tastes gross after a while. Never with this flavor! The same could be said about any juice I receive from Slims, but I digress… The raspberry notes in this juice are also very apparent which gives it that great mix of sweet and smooth. I strongly recommend checking this juice out for yourself, you may just have a new favorite juice to add to your collection.


For those of you out there who are currently in college about to take a break like myself, then I would sit tight for a juice recommendation that might peak your interest. Get ready for the Pumpkin Pie E Juice. This is flippin pumpkin pie e juice, people! Ever wanted a pumpkin pie but didn’t want to spend the time making one or feel bad about waking your grandmother to bake one for you at 3 in the morning? Well no need to fear because this juice is here. This is a classic blend of Pumpkin, Pumpkin Spice, Graham Cracker, Sweet Cream, and Sweetener. It is difficult to find a pumpkin pie flavor juice that tastes just like the real thing, and slims has made that possible! All the pumpkin pie spices can be found in this bottle leaving a smile posted on your face ready for anything this fall season has to throw at you. I recommend throwing in a little caffeine to keep you awake for all the festivities you have planned this season.


Now I don’t know about you, but when I think of the fall season, I think about drinking coffee. I am a huge coffee drinker, and this may be the reason, and I always loved the idea of coffee as a vape juice! The juice I recommend for you today is the Cappuccino E juice. This is a blend of espresso with milk, and oh baby does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This juice has a nice strong coffee taste that stays mellow thanks to the milk in there. It stays nice and smooth and will stay that way throughout the vape, and best part is you don’t have to worry about your coffee burning your mouth to hell and back or getting too cold. This juice is just right. This juice is great for those autumn mornings and nights to put you in just the right kind of mood. I suggest adding in some crème la crème for an extra smooth taste. For those of you who love their coffee to kick them in the pants, I strongly recommend adding caffeine to this juice to really transport your mind to a café in France.


We simply cannot think of the fall season without candy coming into our minds. Mainly because we think of Halloween, and we simply cannot get ready for Halloween without having at least a couple mouthfuls of our favorite corn shaped candies! I introduce to you the Candy Mountains E Juice. This is a sweet treat of a juice, and wonderfully smooth. If you have a sweet tooth then this juice will most definitely satisfy! Try playing around with different add-ons for a more custom vaping experience such as sweetener, sour, etc.… This will most definitely make you nostalgic for your childhood, and in case you have never had this candy in your whole life, the time could be now!


My favorite candies during the fall season, more specifically during Halloween, were always of the snickers or butter finger variety. Slims has made it possible to enjoy these flavors even more! I introduce to you the Nutty Chocolate Caramel Candy Bar E juice. Man oh man, does this juice really hit the spot or what. This juice is so smooth and sweet you will swear you were eating the real thing. The great thing about these candy flavors is that they pair so perfectly with any, and I mean any, alcoholic beverage you can think of! So when you find yourself at your next Halloween party enjoying a few drinks with friends and family, whip this baby out and vape away. One word of advice though, when using this juice, dedicate your coils and cotton to this flavor alone. This juice flavor will stay around in your cotton and overpower other juices you put on top. Unless you wanted to make your own fusion flavors, I recommend just sticking with one at a time.


Well that is all she wrote my friends. I hope you all have the opportunity to try one or all of these flavors during your autumn adventures! Make sure to leave a review on Slim’s website on how you thought about the juice. I hope you all have a Fall season to remember!



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