Top 3 E Liquid Flavours from the VaperSlam Vaping Convention

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Once you become a vaper, one of the first things that you should do is clear some space in your schedule to attend a few vaping conventions. The vaping conventions will make you realize how different the vaping life is from the smoking one. Smokers spend their days being ashamed of the derogatory remarks that society hurls at them (and quite rightly so). A lot of them are overwhelmed with guilt and anxiety, as they are completely aware of the fact that they are injuring themselves and harming the environment at the same time. Vapers on the other hand can live a guilt free life and share their experiences with other vapers at one of the many vaping conventions that take place every single year.

What can you expect at a vaping convention? Everything that a vaper can pretty much dream about! Attending a vaping convention, such as VaperSlam, will turn out to be a highly entertaining and educational experience that will leave you with newfound respect for the vaping industry and the vaping community. You will be introduced to tons of e-cigarette and e-liquid enthusiasts who will share their passion for vaping and talk about the ways in which one can get the best out of vaping. You will also come across a plethora of new products in the market. These new products include state of the art e-cigarette hardware devices as well as exciting flavoured e-liquids.

As a matter of fact, testing out the brand new, incredible and tempting e-liquid flavours will probably be the best part of attending a vaping convention. If you have not been to a vaping convention yet and if there are no conventions scheduled for the next few days, then do not worry. We’ll give you a taste of what VaperSlam was like with the following list of the top three e-liquids from the convention.

1) Cartomator Crush by NamberJuice

The NamberJuice booth had a lot of tempting products to offer at VaperSlam. Among all of them, the one that definitely caught people’s attention was the Cartomator Crush e-liquid. This product was undoubtedly head and shoulders above all the e-liquids that were on sale at the NamberJuice booth. The e-liquid has a sweet strawberry pink champagne e-liquid flavour. The best thing about the product is that it leaves a wonderful bubbly champagne feeling on your tongue after you have taken each puff. If you the kind of person who does not prefer overwhelming sweetness, then this e-liquid flavour is ideal for you. The amount of sweetness is just perfect. It also contains a very high amount of vegetable glycerine. It would not be an exaggeration to state that this e-liquid was probably the best product at VaperSlam.

2) Peppermint Cocoa by The Simple Vapor Co.

Contrary to what many people had to say, The Simple Vapor Co. booth did not disappoint in the least bit. In fact, they were quite impressive and put up a small collection of marvellous e-liquids that were impeccable in terms of taste. The Peppermint Cocoa flavour in particular was outstanding in every sense of the word. It is the kind of flavour that will simply blow your mind away as soon as you take a puff. The amount of chocolate was just enough to balance out the punch from the peppermint. A well thought out flavour like this is bound to be a winner at any convention.

There was one other flavour by The Simple Vapor Co. that is worth the mention; the Blueberry Cheesecake. It is undoubtedly one of the best cheesecake flavours out there in the market and one that will uplift your mood at any time of the day.

3) Paradise by Natur Vapor

If there was an award for the most aptly named e-liquid flavour, it would have been given to Paradise by Natur Vapor without a shadow of a doubt. This brand has been progressing in leaps and bounds by setting new standards in the e-liquid industry. The secret to their success lies in their ingenious infusion technique that allows them to mix natural flavourings with the basic ingredients of the e-liquid in the most efficient way. They are even known to steep their liquids in barrels to achieve the amazing richness and depth of flavour that they offer. The Paradise is one of their top sellers and it tasted like a mixed drink that you would enjoy on a beach during a tropical vacation.

The flavour is basically a combination of mango, peach and a top secret ingredient that they were not willing to reveal. We have no idea what the ingredient was, but we are sure that it’s the component in the e-liquid that makes it an absolute delight for the vapers. If you are looking for a flavour that will provide you with the ultimate summer vaping experience, then look no further than Paradise by Natur Vapor.

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