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This Summer Is Going to be a Vape to Remember!

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Posted by admin 14/01/2016 0 Comment(s)


Good news everyone! Summer is just within spitting distance which means we are all getting prepared to relax, party, and everything in between. Last summer was a great summer as it just was about the same time I discovered the awesome power that is Slims E Juice. And since then I have had the pleasure of trying a wide array of their top quality products. So, in the spirit of kicking off an awesome summer, I will be sharing with you some juices that would be perfect for all occasions during the summer time. Let's get started!


    When you wake up in the morning (or afternoon) during the summer, the first thing you probably realize is the heat blasting your windows. This make you want to just lay there and waste away. Not anymore! I recommend Black Demon Energy Juice with caffeine. It is like cracking open your favorite energy drink and starting your day with a smile. The refreshing taste of classic Monster Energy will never disappoint. It is sweet, but not too sweet. Smooth vapor that hits like a champ and chucks a beautiful smelling cloud that is sure to turn heads. The thing that I love is the lingering taste after the vape that leaves you wanting even more! That is why this juice is my personal favorite. I just cannot get enough of it, and now with the ability to add caffeine really makes this juice the best morning pick-me-up I have ever had.


    Now, the afternoon comes and you and your friends decide to throw a nice relaxing BBQ. I recommend the Cherry Blast flavor. You definitely do not want to find yourself hanging out with friends without something refreshing to cool down your taste buds. Cherry Blast hits with the initially fist atomic blast of menthol that widens your eyes and boost your taste buds up to an intense level. After that, the menthol is still there! It gently fades to a delicious cherry, almost as if a frozen cherry is thawing on your tongue. This will definitely counter act the heat that the sun is spitting at you. When you breathe after the intense vape experience, the menthol will keep your mouth cool and ready for more. This juice gave me goosebumps with how crazy intense it is.


    When your BBQ naturally turns into a massive BBQ pool party with  about 30 of your friends, including people you don't even know, it is time to break out the old stereo and bump some music. Drinks are being made and you want to save some drinks for all your random guests, so you pull out the Baja Blast E juice. This goes hand in hand with the Cherry blast. With a wonderful mix of blueberry, citrus soda, and honeydew? Yes please! This is perfect for lounging by the poolside and talking movies and games with friends. It is so delicious and smells so great, your friends will be practically begging to try it. I recommend picking up a few extra bottles if you plan on vaping this around anyone. Try it with a little added menthol to get some intense cooling in your mouth.


    After everyone leaves the pool party, you find yourself in another quiet and relaxing situation. Time to pull out the XBOX! You load up your favorite game and find yourself in dire need to of something sweet and tangy. So, you pull out the Ecto Cool E Juice. This juice is loaded with orange, tangerine, and sweet and sour candy. With this beautiful mixture, you just cannot go wrong. Plus the name is just awesome. It is like eating a sweet orange that leaves a sour linger on your taste buds, begging for another hit. You think to yourself how amazing it is that Slim can fit such a loaded flavor cocktail in one juice. You decide to shut down your game and sit back to enjoy the wonderful vape experience that Slim has given you. There is no need to add anything extra to this juice either! You find yourself daydreaming about oranges and tangerines getting married and having sweet and sour candy babies on your tongue.


    You snap out of your daydream to a knock on the door. Suddenly you realize the sun is going down and your friends are calling to you from outside to join them. It is time for a massive bon fire in the desert! The sun has gone down but the heat is still on as you realize it is time for another delicious vape juice experience. Behold the ultimate Anti Freeze juice! And no, not the stuff you put in your car. You take a hit and fall succumb to the excellent blend of watermelon, mountain dew, wild cherry, menthol, and koolada. If this mixture doesn't blow your mind, I don't know what will. By vaping this, you will probably be the coolest guy or gal at the bon fire for being bold enough to experience such an explosion of flavor. But more than anything, it will leave a genuine smile on your face as it pairs perfectly with those hot, fun summer nights.


    You find yourself indoors one summer night, sipping down beer and winning almost every beer pong round that is played, and you find yourself in need of something fruity to balance out the ice cold bitter beer. This would be a great time to pull out the amazing Rainbow Fruit Candy E juice, the best only found at Slims E Juice. It is skittles galore! Intense sweet flavors will caress your pallet without fail every time. This is a perfect juice to balance out almost every alcohol you can think of. This has been tested with vodka, whiskey, wine, beer, brandy, and rum. If you find yourself having a night cap before laying down for bed, rainbow fruit it up with this amazing juice.


    Now, the time has come to wind down for the evening and pick up that book you have been trying to read. You put your feet up and sit by the cracking fire with a glass of your favorite port. It is time to pull out a great juice to assist you on your journey to ultimate relaxation. You vape Vanilla Milkshake e juice. The sweet flavors mix together and slowly turn about your tongue, welcoming you to the delicious mix of vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla swirl, vanilla, sweet cream, and koolada. Every hit you take of this juice, you will find yourself closing your eyes and enjoying the sweet paradise this juice invites you to. Also, this juice works as a great balance with your choice of alcohol because of how smooth it is. I definitely recommend vaping this juice with a nice glass of spiced rum. Still feeling hot from the summer air? Add a little menthol to enjoy a minty vanilla milkshake that is sure to cool you off as if it was actually filled with ice cream.


    There you have it folks. This summers top picks for all your vaping needs. My recommendations are all subjective and you, as the reader, may have other ideas of what flavor can best be paired with all your summer activities. I have been vaping with Slims for a good year now and I have had the pleasure of trying many different flavors. I tested all the juices I got to see what experience I would find myself in and what juices would go perfectly with that experience. For summer, I recommend anything with menthol mixed in. It is self explanatory why menthol goes perfect for summer. Other than menthol, definitely anything fruity to give you that “lounging on a beach in Maui, drinking out of a coconut” feel. And for my idea of perfect summer flavor, add menthol to your fruity flavor. This will cool your mouth and sooth your taste buds. This works best to combat that summer heat we all have a love-hate relationship with.


     I hope that you found this article to be helpful in finding yourself the perfect summer e juices to have yourself a great summer. I, for one, will be relaxing with one (or all) of these juices because they have never failed me in the past. Have a great summer! And be careful around that bon fire ;)



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