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Hello everyone and welcome to another juice article! I have been sitting here vaping, much like I always do on a daily basis, and realized it was about time I do a daily vape article. In this article, I want to outline some different juice I have had the pleasure of trying, and also discuss the juice everyone should always have in their collection (or at least to try out.) So let us get started!

#1. Black Demon- This juice is one of my favorite juices to always have on standby. Black demon blew me away the first time I vaped it. It is so smooth and bold with hints of sweet that balance everything out. It tastes a lot like an ice cold monster. The flavors are so familiar yet exciting. You can tell the amount of attention they give this juice during creation. Everywhere I go, I turn heads when vaping with this juice because the smell is just incredible. I say this one is great for a daily vape because I have yet to grow tired of this flavor. I have been vaping this juice for about a year now and I just keep coming back to it. I have also tried this juice with added caffeine to give it that energy drink feeling, and it rocked my world! After adding caffeine, it became my juice of choice for the morning especially when I had class in the morning. Slims went ahead and created a variant of this juice calling it Blue Demon, where it is the same juice but with raspberry flavor mixed in. It is a great way to mix it up because the raspberry goes perfect with the subtle sweetness of the black demon base flavor. Both of these juices stand out to me as unique and interesting vapes that you simply cannot find anywhere else on this planet. I give slims 5 stars for these juices alone.


#2. Red Citrus Soda- This is a juice I just recently got into, and so far it is a winner. It tastes a lot like code red soda. This juice is an incredible blend of lemon, lime, strawberry, and raspberry. Now, it is interesting to note that I have let all my friends try this juice to give me their opinion. And the interesting thing is that they all said it tasted like those twist top Kool-Aid bottles we all enjoyed as a kid. I can definitely taste that as well after they mentioned it. I also feel sometimes it tastes like peach ring candies. I think it is awesome how they can make a juice that tastes like so many things, yet continue to taste freaking delicious at the same time. It really doesn’t matter to me if it tastes like so many things. Its like getting a mystery flavor candy and trying to figure it out. It is just exciting! The flavor, on its own, is very good. It has the same depth as the black demon, even the same boldness. The sweetness is beautifully subtle thanks to the raspberry. It is also very well balanced mixing the lemon and lime with the strawberry and raspberry. If you want something a little more tart added to this juice, try it with the sour add-on for that extra little pucker you are looking for. This one could be a great vape for your daily gaming sessions, especially when you add some caffeine to give you the edge you are looking for. Keep in mind that caffeine does change the flavor slightly. It is hard to pinpoint, but the stronger the caffeine, the more it can alter your final flavor. It isn’t a bad change, and you can only really notice it if you know what the flavor is like before you add the caffeine.


#3. Cherry Blast- Now here is a great example of how a juice can be a simple mix of flavor and still knock you out of your socks (if you wear socks). This is a simple mix of cherry and menthol. Simple is not a good way to describe the intensity of the hit. The best way to describe it would be intense! When I first tried this juice, I was unsure if I liked it or not. The menthol was so intense, it tasted like I chewed on a cough drop. But then I went for the second hit and before you know it, I couldn’t get enough of this juice! I got used to the intensity, and the menthol was so soothing it literally put a smile on my face every time I vaped it. My wife loved the smell of the room afterward to, because it makes the room smell like cherries. This is a great juice for any time of the year. This is a juice I love to have on a daily basis. Don’t let the intensity scare you away, because this juice is well worth it. I love the way it mixes with other flavors as well. After vaping on this juice, I switched to Black Demon and the cherry menthol carried over and only enhanced the other juice. I would try mixing cherry blast with other flavors to see what crazy combos you can whip up! This juice quickly and easily became one of my number one juices to vape on a daily basis.


#4. Fruit Circles- Ever wondered what it was like to vape a cereal? Well now you can with Fruit Circles E juice! I was curious more than anything, to be honest, if this is something that would work. I mean I love cereal, but the best part for me was the milk afterward, a slurry of cereal sugar and smooth milk all mixed together in your mouth and coating your throat. That is what I live for. So I tried it, I wanted to see if it lived up to my expectations, and it of course exceeded them. How could I expect anything less from Slims? This flavor E juice tastes like your first spoonful of cereal with the milk and everything! It is so sweet and perfectly balanced in a way that doesn’t make it too sweet. This is certainly one of those juices you can vape on all day long. Two thumbs up for this wonderful flavor!


Well that about sums it up. There will be more to come in the future where I will be going over more of my favorite daily vapes with all of you. Hopefully they can help at least one of you find something you can call your favorite! The website at Slims is a cornucopia of juice flavors that will continually amaze. Check out what they got, and you will not be disappointed. Until next time my vapers.


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