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The constant search for the best juice from the best company has finally come to an end.  Hallelujah!  Maybe it’s just me, but I am SOOO happy to NOT have to try any more juices.  It was always a crapshoot as to whether you’d like what you got.  And I always had to pay too much.  I’ve narrowed down my hundreds of juices from different companies to a decent handful of Slim’s that I will grow over time – and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s so easy to get carried away with trying every juice you can get your hands on & it builds up to a big mess.  I’m so done with that!


I’d joined several vaping groups on face book & went with a recommendation for a particular company that everyone raved about – I mean, they went crazy!  I didn’t like it at all.  (I mean, it was just “ok”)  I steeped it for months & still didn’t get what everyone was talking about.  Needless to say, it was very discouraging & it became clear that I needed to order more cautiously, until I found the ONE.  


Enter Slim’s!  Big sigh of relief.  I liked them right away.  No need for steeping, they let you pretty much customize your juice.  (Even though 10 mg of nicotine isn’t listed as an option, all I had to do was ask & they made all my juice that way) I’ve yet to try the DIY juice where you can add several flavor combinations, but that time is coming soon!


I have requested samples with almost every order and have received every sample I’ve ever asked for.  They don’t skimp on them either, which to me; is very impressive.  They send 10ml bottles.  I usually end up ordering a 50 ml bottle of one or two of the samples.  What better way to get their customers “hooked?!”  It’s genious.


They answer emails too.  Top-notch customer service.  


For me, there is no need to go elsewhere, EVER.  It is extremely convenient to now be able to purchase all of my flavors from one company, receive them quickly and know that I’m going to love it.  Done deal.


I’m a simple vaper…I use kanger tanks & ego batteries.  I have a couple Spinner II’s, but I’m not into the dripping, sub ohming, etc.  Just give me a great tasting juice at a great price with phenomenal customer service and I am good to go!


You’re going to have to try them for yourself.  


Thanks Slim’s.  You guys rock!


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